Purple is a Neutral……Really!

Zambesi by Fleece Artist. The colour is called Blomidon! Now that is purple!

You may have picked up on the fact that purple is one of my favorite colours.  It, like black, is a staple of my wardrobe and I consider it a neutral, really.  Depending on the tone purple goes with greens and browns, pinks and teals, and always goes with black.  So doesn’t that mean that it is a neutral – it goes with everything!  Well, everything I own.  What is your neutral?  Do you have a colour that you prefer, one that goes with everything in your wardrobe, your neutral colour!?

A purple project that I hope to get finished for this fall – I only started it a couple of years ago is knit with Rowan’s Kid Silk Haze in Dewberry!  Eerie is a delicate lace overblouse that I am adding purple beads to.  It will be gorgeous when finished – or so I think.  I am also designing a top-down purple sweater in Unisono, you can see a definite theme developing here!

My Eerie in Progress!

My love affair with purple started when I was a teenager.  We moved to Kelowna, into a new house, close to the beach and I got the room with the purple velvet drapes and purple carpet.

Check out those drapes - the flocked paper - mid seventies perfection!

This room was mine, I could decorate it any way I wished – as long as I kept the purple drapes and carpet!  I found some flocked velvet wallpaper – the stripes are the flocked velvet and some purple patterned fabric for the little couch my mother offered and the room was perfect.  It was my haven for three and half years and it began my love of the colour purple.

Cockle Shell Corner

I have picked up the Cockle Shell pattern wrap again.  Last night I finished the first repeat of the pattern all the way around and I really like the way it is turning out!  I am working with the Fleece Artist Maidenhair and Montague again, such gorgeous yarns to knit with and they take the dyes so well!


Like the Victorian Falls Wrap I am working this piece from the outside in.  One of the advantages of working the wrap from the outside in is the availability of curved edges that are knit that way.  With a traditional edging you get lots of points and diamonds, but curves are hard to come by.  I like curves and soft edges, organic shapes that move quietly and naturally from one to the other.  Points and straight lines are also organic, crystalline shapes are the most beautiful of examples, but they move very differently.  When I doodle I doodle curves that flow from one to the next!  My mind jumps from point to point and seldom moves in a straight line – just ask my husband!

Happy Knitting


About letissierdesigns

March 2017 - My new site is now up and functioning. I can blog, share my thoughts and photographs, and sell my patterns! So much happening in my life and all is creative and forward moving! Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Sept 2015 - I haven't updated this in a while! Still knitting, always knitting, I still teach and work at Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns. I also have designed for Vogue Knitting, Koigu Magazine, Zealana, Jimmie Beans, and Malabrigo, As of the beginning of 2015 I also became creative director of the Buffalo Wool Co., a new job that just flows along with what I already do. I am a knitting teacher and knitwear designer. I work full time in my LYS, Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns. I recently was 1st runner up in a Vogue Knitting Design Competition called the Magic of Mohair. My design was featured in the Early Fall 2011 Vogue Knitting. I will have another design in the Vogue Knitting Winter 2011 edition. I have recently purchased a Canon Rebel Camera and have started taking way too many pictures. I love this site for sharing my thoughts and pictures. Life is good!
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99 Responses to Purple is a Neutral……Really!

  1. Purple with black is the best combo!

  2. Fiona says:

    As you know, I too love purple! The colour of the Fleece Artist at the top – purple perfection!

  3. northernnarratives says:

    Hi. I also love purple. Your kniting is beautiful! Judy

    • Hi Judy,

      Thank-you for the compliment! Knitting is what I love to do! And purple is the best colour ever. We are our own subgroup -purple lover’s. I think that we might just think at little differently!

      Happy Knitting!


  4. Love purple and green, it’s currently the colors of my apartment : )

  5. dickjutsu says:

    Purple is my future wife’s favorite color. She loves a good dark purple and will wear it with anything, especially with black. She has some stuff that’s light purple with green, dark purple with a burgundy, and a medium purple design on a torquiose shirt that comes out really nice. She’d love your wardrobe if it has as much purple as you suggest.


  6. Lakia Gordon says:

    Enjoyed your knitting photos! When I was younger I would sit and knit with my grandma and it was TOO fun. I made booties 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  7. 米雪兒 says:

    i love purple too! my room’s purple and white! =)

  8. woow. awesome purple! 🙂

    thanks for the good post. 🙂


  9. You are incredibly talented — and oh-so-right about purple practically being a neutral!


  10. althelix says:

    We all here love purple too!

  11. althelixx says:

    Hi Judy,

    One more thing, I am not sure if you notice it or not, but one of your photos (the one you are sitting on the couch) appears to showoff your pink panties as well (especially when you click on it to view it the actual size)… i think you might want to change it, or do some alteration (so that it does not appear that clear to viewers)…

    anyway, nice post on purple. we all here (me, wife and kids)…. love purple sooo much!

  12. Most of my wardrobe is blue, pink, purple, black, or brown. I never realized that untill college. Love the eerie.

  13. MCG ESQ says:

    I consider leopard print a neutral…it goes with every color!

  14. P. Fennessey says:

    I love purple, i have an odd obsession with purple. Probaly what drew me here… 🙂

  15. Watching HGTV, I recently learned that purple can, indeed, be a neutral–especially certain shades of it. Love what you are doing with the purple sweater! I too have a purple passion!

    And congrats on Freshly Pressed!


    • Thank-you Kathryn,

      Thank-you for the comments on neutral purple!
      I was stunned when I got home and saw all the comments! It took me a minute to realize that it was fresh pressed that brought you all here!


  16. SaraPey says:

    I agree 100% with you, I love purple myself!

  17. Purple is the best colour ever – it’s just soo cool! My university’s logo is that exact shade you’re using btw (I’m very lucky to have a campus hoodie that is my fave colour – bliss! :D).
    Your style of knitting is amazing! I love the pattern being made through your sweater so far, and the cockle shell wrap is pretty sweet too 😀
    Awesome blog! 😀

  18. I love purple with green. I keep choosing yarns with those colour combinations. You are right purple goes with everything!

  19. Purple is my favorite color as well. At the moment I have a soft lilac purple shade of nail polish on with gold glitter on the tips and I can say purple and gold are lovely together too. =D I was planning to redecorate my bedroom with pretty purple paint involved, however plans have changed and there will be a new house involved in a couple of years so I’m putting that on hold and saving money for the house. Once the new house is in the picture though you can bet I’ll be painting my new room the purple I’d already picked out for my current room. Love purple! ❤

  20. Purple has been my favorite for as long as I can remember and I also wear it very often. I wish that I could knit but alas that is not in my skill set. You’re doing some beautiful work.

  21. theunexpectedchic says:

    Hello, just stumbled upon your site from the WordPress log-in page, and oh my goodness, your pieces are soo beautiful!! That cockle shell corner piece is unbelievably delicate and gorgeous…do you sell them anywhere? It would make a beautiful collar to wear over other tops!
    You have a new fan 🙂
    x Liivi

    • HI Liivi,
      The cockle shell piece is part of a much larger shawl. But you have given me an idea that I will have to play with – a hand-painted lace collar!
      Thank-you for the comments1

  22. I love purple. But I find that my neutral color would have to be denim. Everything works with denim. Denim jeans, shorts, jackets … I just love denim. Looking at your knitting, I must say that you are really good! I once learned how to do the basics, and started a scarf. Then I forgot how to cast on and cast off, and it took me about two more years to remember how before I finished that scarf. You wrap, however, I am sure will turn out beautifully!

    • Thank-you Sofia for the encouragement! I’m about to attach the sea-stars to the stole! I am very happy with the results so far!

      AS for your own knitting – just like anything else the more you do the better you get!


  23. conniewalden says:

    This is very beautiful. I love purple, too. Thank you so much for bringing color to the world. Connie

  24. Abigail says:

    My neutral color has to be blue. I have so much blue in my closet and I can never get enough. It’s probably my favorite color. That and green. 🙂 But purple is so hard to find anymore, so I don’t know.

  25. Shoshi says:

    Cool! I really like the colour. I wish wool wasn’t so pricey where I live

  26. Knitn' Green says:

    Purple goes with everything!

  27. Great post, love the purple eerie!

  28. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!
    Purple is my daughter’s favourite colour and I’m an avid knitter so I just had to drop by your blog.
    Looking forward to taking a look at some of your other creations!

    • Thank-you for your interest! I must say the “country house” looks like a cool place to live.
      As a knitter you understand the concept of a stash – that is where purple currently predominates!


  29. Niqui says:

    My neutral is gray lol. Purple is nice though. That’s a really cute room 🙂

  30. my neutral is yellow haha. even the horrible ones that make me look slightly jaundiced. i especially love obnoxiously bright sunshine yellow, which i accent with charcoal grey or dark brown. your knitting is lovely 🙂

  31. Christina says:

    Beautiful knitting, so delicate! I too am a lover of purple. My sister proclaimed this morning how much she loves wearing Blue and Red…why? Because she loves purple, and wearing those two colors together is kind of like tricking your eyes into thinking it’s purple, only you’re sporting something different.

  32. I ADORE purple. I think it is because I look good in it. But then, I love gold, and I look terrible in that. Oh well. Yay for purple!

  33. Jenn says:

    I absolutely adore purple and black together.

  34. I wholeheartedly agree. I wear purple nearly every day. Well every day when I actually think about it since both of my pairs of glasses are purple. One is a funky warm purple and the other is an extremely dark cool purple that most people take for black, which is my “conservative” look.

    Another sign that purple is a neutral is that it never seems to go out of style. I’ve been wearing different shades of purple for years now and I’ve noticed that, regardless of the whims of fashion, there is never a shortage of purple clothes available on the racks.

  35. k8edid says:

    Gorgeous knitting. And the room – perfection!!

  36. Art Spiffy says:

    LOL – you have to read my sentence from an earlier blog post of mine. We are like minded. 🙂 Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. http://artspiffy.wordpress.com/2011/03/31/tree-in-bloom-new-acrylic-painting/

  37. I’m a teal girl! I love teals and browns and tans… it makes me relax and feel calm. 🙂

    JB @ oneofthelovebugs.wordpress.com

  38. I love purple, for a while I moved around with colors. At one point orange was my favorite color, and then light and kind of bright blue was my favorite color but now I have stuck on purple. I do have to agree that purple and black are a great combo! Most things in my wardrobe are gray or black and I have some purple flowers and other things to pump up the gray and black.

    One last thing, I just found your blog and I’m in love. Looking forward to future posts.

  39. Your knitting is really beautiful, i like it. 🙂

  40. csroth3 says:

    Purple and various shades of lavender have been my favorites since I was a teen also. have you seen purple and orange? there is a certain way to combine them that is just stunning. I wish I had time to learn to knit.

  41. starlight427 says:

    my daughter adores purple..when we go shopping, she’ll definitely pick purple headbands, hairbands, clips, hankies,etc. yes, definitely its a nice color.

  42. leadinglight says:

    Purple goes with many colours – I agree with that but I don’t think it goes all that well with darker shades of blue. Blue and Purple are the colours of a bruise after all. But it’s cool you can knit – my favourite clothes are knit cardies.

  43. I read somewhere that spiritual people are attracted to purple.

  44. melancholiastudioinc says:

    Recently I started taking a closer look at purple and I agree, if you work it right, it does go with everything. I have noticed hand washable black fabrics, even in cold water, the color runs and the water turns an interesting shade of eggplant. Lovely work you do, congrats on your success and Fresh Pressed!

  45. Karen says:

    Just drop by to share that I’ve got purple nail polish on! Gotta love purple!

  46. katherineziff says:

    I like purple with olive green. Reminds me of fall wildflowers like jo pye weed mixed with milkweed. And for that matter spring flowers like wild iris mixed with early green.

  47. katherineziff says:

    I like purple mixed with olive green and gray, reminds me of fall landscapes. And for that matter spring landscapes too – wild iris, redbud and early green!

  48. jack says:


  49. Red Toenails says:

    Purple is a nice color. I really don’t have a fav color though. I just like anything that looks good on me.

  50. Carolyn V says:

    Very beautiful knitting!

  51. mouseblossom says:

    Congratulations with the FP! Yes, purple!!! And green, love those two together. I thought it was just me, I’m happy to see that more people like that combination. And black goes with anything, ofcourse. Nice knitting work by the way! 🙂

  52. hi Lynette.. I love purple too.. it’s really nice color and and makes me confident when I’m using it 🙂

  53. Colours in combination are fabulous – but purple in combination with almost anything is terrific! Thank-you for the comments on my knitting!

  54. Melissa says:

    I think my neutral is beige. I have lots of things in my wardrobe that are beige/brown and they just go with everything! But I agree with you: purple is neutral!

  55. fireandair says:

    Another fan of purple, although purple, RED RED RED RED, and gold are my things — purple and fire colors. I’ve heard of other colors called “blue” and “green,” but I suspect they are rumors. 🙂

  56. Miss Tuggy says:

    Black, gray, purple, and blue are my neutrals…although my bruises usually turn green, which I find kind of entertaining. I pull out orange and silver and pretend those are neutrals, too.

  57. Andrea says:

    I always wondered why I am drawn so much to purple skeins in the store…heh.

  58. Fifii says:

    Ah-mazing blog

  59. Ermilia says:

    I need to learn how to knitt, it’s so beautiful. Purple and teal are my staple colors (along with black) but I never really thought about what I’d condiser a neutral. Prolly pale pink, I can’t think of anything it doesn’t go with including orange and that’s sometimes a challenge.

    Silver is my favorite color, all the jewelry I buy myself is silver, white gold, or platinum since I think it goes with everything.

  60. rheabette says:

    I have a pair of purple vintage sunglasses and I wear them with absolutely everything. They are huge and round and I get lots of compliments, especially when I wear them with other bright colors like red or yellow. Purple is indeed a neutral!

  61. whatsaysyou says:

    Purple is a lovely colour and I happen to have a skirt with purple and black patterns. But I wish I have at least a few more clothing items in purple though.

  62. rakhikankane says:

    purple in in trend these days!

  63. Purple is always in trend for me – but it is great to see it being appreciated by others!

  64. gaycarboys says:

    Stunning colour. I used to love purple until a friend told me it was the colour of sexual frustration. Annoyingly I’ve not been able to get that out of my head since.

    • Some friend! A colour is what you make of it, as is anything we do in life!
      Purple is the colour of royalty – because only royalty could afford it to dye their clothing. Purple is the colour of a clear night sky illuminated by moonlight!

      Let purple speak for itself!


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  67. realanonymousgirl2011 says:

    I’m actually a fan of purple as well. Maybe not to the extent that I use it as a neutral but lavender is a flattering color for me. Have fun!

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