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Indecisive!! Or What!!

I am procrastinating again – well sort of – maybe not really – I am not sure!  I have been working on the Tidal Pools pattern and it almost there.  The charts for the lace are really challenging to write (not … Continue reading

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The World is Mine Oyster!

After looking up the meaning and source of my title I am not sure I should use it!  Shakespeare is the source (I should have known) almost everything seems to source back to his work!  And the meaning is a … Continue reading

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A Clean-up Kind of Morning

This morning I am cleaning up a few bits of business.  I just finished up the pattern for Vogue Knitting and sent it off.  I am putting together the slide show for KnitEast.  It is loading on Flickr as I … Continue reading

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An Irish Kind of Morning

It’s an Irish kind of morning – mostly because it is raining.  The skies are grey and the greens are very green and it feels like I need a strong cup of Irish Breakfast Tea.  All of the Breakfast style teas are strong … Continue reading

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What to Knit Next? Or Planning Ahead!

I am in a quandary.  I have quite a few things that I need to knit for the Retreat, Spring Classes etc.  These are known and factored in to my knitting schedule.  But what should I knit for myself, in the … Continue reading

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The Early Bird….

Gets up early and goes to bed early as well.  Are you are morning person or do you burn the midnight oils?  When is your creative time?  It is always amazing to me how differently we all work.  Some of … Continue reading

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Tidal Pools Shawl at the Beach

Amanda and I ended up playing with the shawl and my camera this morning.  I am very pleased with the results.  But I have a minor problem – which one?  I am trying to pick out a picture for the … Continue reading

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