A Lace Day!

Madli's Lace Shawl by Nancy Bush. From the book, Knitting Estonian Lace.

I love to knit lace.  I also admire greatly the lace of the past and lace knitting with history.  Eileen, another lace lover, sent me a link.  She sent it to my work e-mail and I shot it off to my home e-mail to peruse later.  It is now later – also the first day of my week off of work – so I took some time to check out the link.

Lacis Museum in Berkley has an exhibit of Estonian Lace – 133 photographs – some closeup – of some of the most beautiful lace imaginable.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.  Thank-you Eileen.

Scalloped Tee - Handmaiden Flaxen yarn - silk and linen. Shaped with darts and a short-row bust. The scallop edges come from the lace pattern itself.

I am swatching lace right now, playing around with different lace stitches.  I am already thinking of next summer and the shell that we will be knitting and painting for the handpainting class.  I also have an idea for a lace Tee with an angular frill, beaded perhaps, something along the lines of the Tee I knit for myself a few years ago, shaped with short sleeves.

Detail of leaves before setting.

I have been waiting to see what others would do with the Vogue Sheath and Wrap.  And it has finally happened – Gail from Gateway Fibreworks was inspired by my painting attempts and came up with something completely her own!  Gail gave me permission to use her pictures on my blog.

Introducing Muskoka Maples! I am told that the colours are true to the Maple Leaves that inspired them.

I saw these on Ravelry just the other day!  And her shawl is just gorgeous!  Gail said that this project was “inspired by” my work in Vogue.  I hope that you are just as inspired as I was by what she created.

Gail describes her process on Ravelry.  She took more time between each  application of colour and made her shapes much more pronounced.  Gail describes some of her steps on her project site on Ravelry – gatewaygail’s Muskoka Maples.

Zephyr Laceweight yarn swatch with size 11/0 beads - lace mesh.

Lace swatching is something I do when I can’t concentrate on the projects at hand, or the many that are waiting.  Right now I guess I am waiting for Sunday and the happenings of that day!  So today I’ll swatch, blog and share some my earlier swatching and lace knitting attempts.

I’m thinking of starting my baking for Sunday – turkey day is Sunday – we are expecting 11 to 13 friends and family.  Today may be Butter Tart Day, tomorrow is Pumpkin Pie Day and Sunday is Turkey, Stuffing, and Zebra Cake Day!  What is Zebra Cake you say?  Try Mr Christie chocolate wafers, layered with heavy whipped cream.  You need to make it at least 4 hours ahead so that the wafers can absorb the moisture from the cream.  Sliced on the diagonal you will get this wonderful white and chocolate striped cake.  We do not ask or tell the calorie count of this item.  It is my sons’ favorite and a must have!  A few of the guests feel the same way!

Shetland Lace Scarf - swatching gone crazy - Fleece Artist Suri Blue. I thought that I would never stop with a swatch and would actually finish this - I got halfway. I will need to finish it someday!

Thanksgiving is definitely a meal where certain items are necessary for the meal to be complete.  Brussel Sprouts with the Turkey, sweet potatoes (not yams) for my MIL, and lots of stuffing, potatoes and gravy for my husbands friends – vegetables are optional!

My favorite part of the turkey dinner is the sandwich the next morning; turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo on white – must be white bread!  Don’t take this the wrong way – I love turkey just about any way it can be cooked, but there is something about the next morning – it could be that I am finally relaxing after the day before – that makes this sandwich taste particularly good!

Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby has a very interesting section of scarves that are just lace edgings connected by lace insertions - I was playing with that idea with this scarf. It was an early painting project, but I never really liked the colours together. I found someone who just loved it and gave it to her one Christmas - we were both happy!

I have decided tomorrow is Pumpkin Pie Day and Butter Tart Day!  I think I want to just play with lace today.  I would like to cook the turkey (all this writing about turkey has started me drooling), but it needs to thaw some more.

Happy Lace Knitting


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