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Power Knitting

I am currently working against a deadline.  I want to send the Vogue samples off by Wednesday or Thursday and I am behind.  So why am I writing a post you ask – my hands need the break – the typing … Continue reading

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“Spring Forward”

By the end of next week I’ll be finished the knitting for Vogue.  My next projects will be the class sample for the Spring Class and Workshop Sessions.  I’ve decided (sort off – subject to change without notice) on three … Continue reading

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Time Capsule

Memories are made from these, fleeting moments captured frame by frame. Welcome to Winter – and the memories of Winters past and future. A time capsule is a way of preserving memories of another time.  For many, the “hope” chest … Continue reading

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A Better State!

Enough with the moping!  It is a new day and today I am drinking a tea called “Read My Lips” – it is a wonderful Chocolate Mint Black Tea with great flavour.  It is made by David’s Tea.  As I … Continue reading

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A Moping Moment……Thank-you for listening.

There is a book by Robert Heinlein – The Past Through Tomorrow.  It is a collection of stories that moves from the past through today and far into the future.  I have read it quite a few times, each time … Continue reading

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Colour Your World!

If you live anywhere coastal, northern or very far southern – you have somewhat colourless winters.  Many shades of white and blue for the very northern or southern area’s of the world and more shades of grey and green than you ever thought … Continue reading

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This Last Week I……

Accomplished many things! Last year I met Abbott Smith.  This week I participated in 8 hours of classes taught by Abbott.  My brain is still reeling. Four hours of colour theory – and I know that we have just barely … Continue reading

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