Red Letter Week!

It has been a busy few days!  Forget Status Quo, life just got more interesting!!

I haven't had much time for knitting - no more progress on the KAL sample - I'll pick it up again tonight!

I released the first section of the Dark of the Morning KAL – it has been a huge success.  Much bigger, with more interest than I ever expected.  Here are some stats:

  • 192 knitters in the Ravelry Group
  • over 400 downloads of the first section of the pattern
  • and some people have already finished the first section – Gulp!!  I had better get the next chart finished!!
  • And I had over 200 blog hits on the release date – Jan 29th

At the same time as all of this – other things were starting to happen in the knitting sphere around us:

  • Loani Prior is releasing a new Tea-Cozy book – How Tea-Cosies Changed the World
  • I discovered some absolutely gorgeous tea-cozies by a designer I had never seen before.  Her name is Jenny Whitehead and her Character Cozies are fabulous!
  • Tea-cozies seem to be causing quite a buzz!
  • Vogue Knitting on Facebook was looking for some pictures of Tea-Cozies and being the volunteer type – I volunteered a link to my Tea-Cozy page on the blog!  LOL!!
  • Vogue Knitting very kindly linked me up and created even more hits on the blog, I have made a few new friends and heard lots of wonderful comments about the cozies!

As a result of these two events coinciding I have spent a lot of time playing around on Ravelry and Facebook!

The Retreat Handout is almost done – tomorrow am I should have the bulk of the writing done and just need to add pictures and graphs!  It is only a little over a week away – I am getting so excited!

Happy Knitting


About letissierdesigns

March 2017 - My new site is now up and functioning. I can blog, share my thoughts and photographs, and sell my patterns! So much happening in my life and all is creative and forward moving! Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Sept 2015 - I haven't updated this in a while! Still knitting, always knitting, I still teach and work at Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns. I also have designed for Vogue Knitting, Koigu Magazine, Zealana, Jimmie Beans, and Malabrigo, As of the beginning of 2015 I also became creative director of the Buffalo Wool Co., a new job that just flows along with what I already do. I am a knitting teacher and knitwear designer. I work full time in my LYS, Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns. I recently was 1st runner up in a Vogue Knitting Design Competition called the Magic of Mohair. My design was featured in the Early Fall 2011 Vogue Knitting. I will have another design in the Vogue Knitting Winter 2011 edition. I have recently purchased a Canon Rebel Camera and have started taking way too many pictures. I love this site for sharing my thoughts and pictures. Life is good!
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6 Responses to Red Letter Week!

  1. Hi Lynette,
    I am loving your Dark of the Morning KAL and learning so much.
    When did you say the Tea Cozy KAL will be starting? (-:

    Change of topic
    One good thing about having a new camera or a camera is it gets you out and about walking and stuff . I hope you are taking time away from all this glorious knitting for yourself.

    • Hi Karen,
      I love my Camera and try to take lots of walks with it! I am glad that you are enjoying the KAL! It it a great opportunity to learn and connect with others!
      As for a tea-cozy KAL, not on my radar right now, but you never know what the future will bring!
      Happy Knitting

  2. Tara Addesa says:

    Dear Lynette~ You Had to Know I’d Read a Post of Yours Gf!!! LoL Ever Since Discovering You..I’ve Done Nothing but RAVE Rave Rave To All My Knitting Gal Pals..Julienne,Peggy,Susan,last but Not Least Kelley Petkun<-KNitPicks Adorable Owner Since It'll Be KPs WotA Yarn(Wool of The Andes) as Most Likely My Chosen Choice of Yarns for MY Cozies..Unless Kelley Has a Better Suggestion for Yarn Choices!!! I'll Suggest to Her ASAP I Email Her that She Check Out Your VK Article/Link..Am Anxious For Kelley & All the Girls to SEE Your GORGEOUS COZIES That are Pictured On that Link :))) and Were Soon to Have Our KP Annual SPIN IN FEB 10-12!!! Spin KAL On KP Community..Can't Wait to Tell All My KP Spin pals About YOUR FAB COZIES!!! A MuST SEE whether or NoT Theyre Cozy Knitters!!! Knit pals ALWAYSSS HAVE KNIT PALS!!! And So a RAGE Begins!!! LoL HuGGs In Knitting..Tara

  3. Ria Gibson says:

    OMG I thought you were the tea cozy queen. That book of Loani Prior’s will be a must have just for the joy of seeing the tea cozies. Are you ordering for the store? When do we start a Tea Cozy KAL? I think your bevy of beauties are the best!!!

    • Hi Ria,
      Thank-you for the support! I am so glad that you like my cozies, but it is fun to see what other crazy ones are out there! I am hoping to get Loani’s new book for the store and maybe even the one before it – we will see!
      As for a tea-cozy KAL – who knows what the future will bring!
      Happy Knitting

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