Gardens of Delight!

A Camellia bloom from our front yard, the bush is right underneath the bedroom window. It is actually pouring rain and the light is gorgeous!

Well, we really don’t have one of those right now.  Out garden is definitely a work in progress.  Sophie, on the other hand, probably thinks that the garden is perfect!

When we put Sophie’s new fence in we lost many of our plants – no loss really – many were very old and many of the flowering plants no longer produced flowers.  We knew we would be facing a total rebuild of the garden.

The front yard Rhododendrons are looking great.

We have added raised flower/garden beds with garden ties and I will be expanding my herb garden with more squares laid out with the bricks.  I bought a small standardized rose today, in anticipation.  Only one more raised bed to create, and it then we can really go to town.  Though it will still take time to totally rebuild.

Working on the Tree!

This week the big, ivy covered, cedar trunk came down.  The trunk itself was amazing.  There was about 15 feet of trunk followed by about 10 feet of Ivy growing up in layers on top.  The backyard looks so much more open.

Our neighbour’s Apple tree is starting to blossom. Beautiful big Transparent Apples grow on this tree.

This is where the last raised bed will go – all around the old cedar trunk!  Once it is done – hopefully later this week – I can start to work on the herb garden.  A friend is going to split up some her herbs to give me a hand at restarting.  I lost quite a few herbs in the last two years to both: bad weather, and some serious neglect last year.  Life was just much too busy!

Even with the loss of the trunk we won’t have to worry about shade.

Our house faces West.  As the day starts our backyard is covered by the shadow from the house.  As the sun gets higher in the sky, we receive some morning sun, followed by more shade as the sun disappears behind our neighbours very tall trees.  The sun does not really reappear again until around four.  Only one very small corner of the yard gets sun most of the day!

One of my stick like Blueberry bushes!

That is where I have just finished planting blueberry bushes, two of them.  They are the Reka variety and are from a blueberry farm somewhere around Courtney.  They are supposed to produce a good crop of berries.  Right now they really look like a pair of sticks with a few leaves and flowers on them, but next year ……

Blueberry’s have pretty pink flowers!

We have a long bed along the fence that is totally shaded all day.  We plan on planting Ferns, Hosta’s, Astilbe and maybe a Rhododendron along there.  Another friend just happens to be splitting their Hosta’s this year and they have offered to share!  Whooee!

Finished Palm Spring sock. I will finish the other before the class!

I have been very busy knitting this week;  I finished the Palm Springs sock and I got a good start on the Sea-wool Shell for the handpainting with dyes workshops this summer.  I have to get lots done – time is speeding on by!

Detail of the bottom of the Shell! Lots of lace patterning, using simple repeating patterns.

I ordered some more beads from FireMountain Gems this week.  They have some size 8/0’s Delicas right now.  I could not resist!

Check out these Delicas Transparent Smoky Topaz AB! They are just gorgeous. I will have to work out a project just for them!

Due to other commitments the “Edging the Pink” KAL will be delayed until early/mid June.  I will firm up the date in a couple of weeks.  At the same time I will post the schematics so that you can get a feeling for the finished project.

Tosh Merino Light, Ms.Taylor and purple Iris 8/0 beads for my Edging the Pink sample.

I can tell you that it will be released in 4 pieces, each approx 2 weeks apart.  It will be a Summer long project.

The weather here has been “unsettled” for the last few days.  But earlier in the week we had a couple of really beautiful evenings and we took the opportunity to play in the backyard with Sophie.  I finally remembered to bring the camera out and take a few pictures of Sophie as she plays with her toys.

Sophie loves to play fetch with her favorite toy.  It is a big squeaker shaped like a squirrel with a long tail!

I have put together a slide show if you want to see her in action!

Happy Knitting


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