Get Your Knit-on! Long Weekend Knitting!

Sophie says Hello

What a great way – for me at least – to spend a long weekend!

Luckily flowers still grow in the rain. These little beauties are double Baby’s Breath.

It wasn’t quite how I envisioned it…. I had hopes of sitting out in the backyard enjoying the sun or shade should it prove to be too hot, sipping some sun-tea (or cider) as I knit.

Instead we had rain, more rain and then some more rain on top of that!  This last June was the coolest June on record, if not the wettest!  Good thing that I like the rain!

My flowers unfortunately do not.  The rain causes the blooms to fall apart so quickly.

I have one gorgeous Poppy plant in the front yard. The rain is destroying the blossoms as fast as it can. I have taken a few pictures of the blooms.

A view just below the Canyon.

Because of the rain I did not take many pictures on the walks this weekend.  Only one walk was dry!   I may not melt in the rain but the camera does not like the rain.  We walked at Neck Point – in the rain;  We walked at the Nanaimo River Canyon – not a park, but a great place to swim on the River, and not a bad place to walk either!  It was not raining at that moment.  At the River Canyon I could take pictures;  And we walked at Piper’s Lagoon.  It was raining.

A lot of Thimble Berries are out and ripening.

The tide was out so you could take the easy walk on the wet sand/mud around to the point (usually you have to climb like a goat to get over to the point!) and we walked the path around the point as well!  It was a little slippery.  The walk around the point is also a goat path and will take you close to many edges.  Walk with care!

It was gorgeous, but no camera!  Sigh!

Saturday afternoon/evening, we did go to a wedding, under a tent, it is after all the Wet Coast with lots of rain, we must plan for the rain.  It was lovely.  Sunday evening we went out for dinner with friends.  It was a great way to cap off our Canada Day.

Happy Canada Day! Right leaf, wrong colour – you get the idea!

It was a lovely Canada Day.

On the “up” side as well, I got to knit quite a bit this weekend.

I started two new painting projects – one is with a rustic silk, very hand-spun looking, thick and thin.

Rustic silk – should paint well!!

This will be a shaped collar/cowl with a button up detail – the other is an option for the hand-paint class this week, a Faroese style, top-down shawl.  It uses the same lace motifs and yarn as the shell:

A little Vogue!

And I got a good chunk of Vogue knitting done as well.

And I worked on the patterns for the shell and shawl:  And I knit some more on the edging for the Roses, Roses KAL.  I also posted the second section of the Roses, Roses KAL.

Roses, Roses edging!

The Faroese Shawl under construction.

I need to look at how I do my KAL’s.  I did some research on Ravelry – the sections in most KAL’s come out every week.  To do that I may have to have the knitting completed before I start the KAL.

I could not knit and write at the same time in that short a time period.  This will require some thought.

What were your plans this wet weekend?  Did you have the Monday off?  Or are you celebrating the Fourth?  What ever your plans I hope that you had a great weekend.  And a great week ahead!

Happy Knitting


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One Response to Get Your Knit-on! Long Weekend Knitting!

  1. Ria Gibson says:

    As usual, I love the photo stream!! comment on the KAL – I think that as there are beads involved with this KAL, that the two week release is perfect, any sooner and I don’t think people can keep up. If it were knitting alone and no beads then I could see the one week release.
    The projects all look great! That is just a tease with the cables for the Vogue project. Hmm What could it be?
    Sophie – What do you want? I didn’t do anything.What you calling me for? Another photo? Isn’t it great when they kind of do the prune face bit.

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