Something About Reach and Grasp… I Quite often Exceed Both!

Roses, Roses, one side is edged and the other on the way! Yardage is unfortunately a bit on an issue!

I am working on the Roses, Roses sample and it is looking great!  I love the design – everything is working out design wise.  So you can hear the “but” can’t you?

The “but” is in the yardage or shortage of.

This is a hazard of designing on the needles.  My ideas often exceed my yardage.  It won’t be a problem for those who are knitting the scarf, I can amend the pattern to accommodate the yardage issue, by reducing pattern repeats etc.  I cannot do much for myself, outside of finding more yarn.

Which, with a little help from a friend, I should be able to do.  Patience is definitely needed here.  I won’t need much to finish the scarf, maybe 20 to 30 m.  Just enough to finish the ends!

Joy modelling Tourmaline for me.

Summer has arrived!  With style, panache and definition.  The weather definitely went from wet Spring to awesome Summer overnight.  It also arrived right on time for the first of the Summer Workshops.

It was glorious Thursday out in the courtyard in front of the store.  I had forgotten my camera, but the students and I had a wonderful time, enjoying the sun, lessons and conversation, not necessarily in that order!

Pinks, greens, touches of lavender always work for me. In nature and in my own choices of colour for myself! Wild flowers at Hemer Park.

The Tourmaline Shawl is looking good and I am not far off from finishing the first skein of yarn.  Once it is done, the second skein will build up the body and the third skein should be perfect to handle the finishing rows and the embellishments!  I do need to talk to Joan about some special silver pins or buttons for the neckline finishing!  I wore the Tourmaline shell this week.  It fits great and looks good!  I was very happy with its fit.  The yarn is SeaWool from Fleece Artist Yarns and is cool and comfortable.  This is my second little top in the 70% wool, 30% seacell blend.

I’ll be writing the pattern for the Palm Springs Sock this week.

Palm Springs Sock – lace and beads! My favorite combination.

The class is on Thursday.  The pattern is started, but I need to get the chart done.  That shouldn’t take too long.

It was a beautiful weekend for walking.

We went to Hemer Park saturday morning.  And did the loop down one side of the March and then back along Holden Lake.  It was beautiful.

There was only one disappointment – I did not see any waterfowl, no ducks, no baby ducks, no Canada Geese, nothing.  I do not know where they were, but they certainly were not on the water.  They could have been hiding the reeds, rushes, water lilies and irises at the sides of the waters, but they certainly were not out and about!

Indian Pipe fungus – this is cool stuff.

On the up side I saw some Indian Pipe plants.  These are really a type of fungus.  I took pictures and went home to check on-line.  I had never seen anything like them before.  Very, very cool.  It was really a great day for fungus.  There were a couple on tree trunks and one very real toadstool, dots and all!

A perfect toadstool!

There was a tree that had fallen some time in the past and it had been growing over a rock, the rock is now exposed and it has a very interesting pattern in it.   It almost looks carved!

Salmon Berry Jewel

Salmon berries, Thimble berries, the “real” wild blackberries were all to be seen.  All at various stages of ripeness.   And the Himalayan berries were in full bloom.

Saturday evening we went looking for a cool walk and found it at the bottom of the Hill in Woodstream park.

One of the Beaches at Neck Point

Sunday we were off to Neck Point again.  Always full of beautiful views.  There were many people walking their dogs and Sophie got to say Hello to all of them.

Sophie “helping” me sort – a few days before she aired out the comforter.

Sophie had a great week!  She decided to air out our comforter.

Another Beach at Neck Point! Glorious Day!

There is now a hole through the duvet cover top, through the down comforter itself and through the bottom the cover.  The hole was almost a perfect square!

Sophie was very happy, there was down everywhere!

Luckily it was old and due to be replaced!  I now have a silk comforter.  It was highly recommended!  Let see what Sophie thinks!  LOL!

Hope that you had a great weekend as well!  Got some sun time and some knitting time and some beach time.

Happy Knitting


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