“Summer”…… And the Knitting is Fine!

A quiet perch over Millstream at Bowen Park. A place to sit and swing your feet as you contemplate the view up river!

I do believe that “Summer” is really here!

We have had a few weeks of real summer weather.  We went swimming last weekend.  Hotdogs have been consumed – it must be Summer.

The “View” up stream!

Summer knitting is a little different from Winter knitting.  When it is hot the last thing most knitters want is a great blob of wool, that will one day be a sweater on the lap, no, no, small things only!

The original Bag handles as finished Edwardian styled bracelets.

This Summer I have really been exploring a technique that I tried a couple of years ago.  Bead knit jewellery – at that time I was looking for a handle for a beaded bag – I pulled out the trial handles a couple of months ago and looked at them with a different eye!  The bead knit handles, when I looked at them with a fresh eye, really reminded me of Edwardian styled chokers.  Hence the title – Edwardian Bead Knit pieces.

Edwardian Choker in progress

I am working on a choker (remember the knitting that Sophie chewed up – well about 6 inches of it has been re-knit!) right now and I am going to explore a tone on tone version of the bracelet before I release the pattern.

Tone on Tone, just a little discrete sparkle!

I have some small crystals, 3mm barrel shapes in black, red and crystal, I am thinking of playing with those as well!  I am thrilled with the results so far.

Bead knitting means that there is a bead knit into every stitch of the pattern.  They usually have some kind of pictorial or patterning motif!  Because of the weight of the beads the yarn needs to be strong, because the pieces rest on the skin the yarn needs to be soft – Handmaiden Lace Silk is perfect for this.

The reverse of the Bead Knit Bracelet. The surface is smooth and the yarn is fine enough that you can see the bead pattern with sunlight coming through.

The jewellery employs a double-knit technique so that the reverse is knit at the same time as the face to finish the inside of the jewellery pieces!  So much fun, once the beads are strung in pattern.  The knitting is easy, just pull up the next bead in the sequence.

Tourmaline in progress.

The Tourmaline Shawl is more than half done.  There are only about 40 rows left before I start the Fringe Cast-off!  It will be ready for the painting class in about a week and a half.

We walked in Bowen Park yesterday, actually we walked more of the Millstream stream bed than the park.

Sophie’s Crayfish!

Sophie loves the water and we walked the river rocks almost all the way up to Bowen Rd.  Millstream is very low right now and a great deal of the stream bed is visible.  Did you know that there are crayfish in Millstream?  We saw two yesterday – Sophie disturbed them.  I do not think that she would have enjoyed having one of those pincers attached to her nose!

There were grass-hoppers in the grass, and some small fry upstream as well.  Thistle and Dandelion plants are going to seed, and everything is growing and going to seed rapidly!

Totem at rest.

When we got back to the Duck pond – we passed it twice once on the way upstream and again on the way back down – the light was coming through the trees just right to get a great picture of one of the downed totems.  What a gift to be able to examine these works of art up close.

There were a lot of people in Bowen Park yesterday.  There were at least two Wedding and many people walking their dogs.  I can understand why.  There are so many paths to enjoy and many benches to enjoy the views from.

Sophie loves the water!

Today I am going to visit Fiona of Pip’n’Milly– she has some new fabric and has just finished a new project bag for me – maybe I need another.  LOL!

I hope that your weekend is just as fabulous!

Happy Knitting


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2 Responses to “Summer”…… And the Knitting is Fine!

  1. Fiona says:

    You are going to love the new fabrics! Your latest project bag looks fabulous and is a wonderful way to use a special cross stitch piece. Can hardly wait to show you!

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