A Scattered Life

Nature has a way of creating beauty out of Chaos. Like this wonderful collection of mussel shells, seaweed and barnacles as only nature could throw together.

I am a very disorganized person.  I work and live in Chaos.  There is no rhyme to my reason and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!

Though, on the whole, it works for me.  The advent of Sophie to my life has not improved the chaos!  But what is life without a little extra chaos.

There are piles, baskets and stacks of yarn and half-finished projects all over the living area and my work rooms.  Most of the time this suits my working style and I usually know where everything is in this chaos.  The exceptions are when my husband gets this urge to tidy!  Or when I try to create order out of chaos.  This time it was my fault.

Fair Isle gloves waiting for fingers! And maybe a class full of students.

This morning I could not find a project, one that I had been working on in an off and on fashion, one that I knew could not be far away!  Well, it was a half hour away.  A half hour of ripping through all of the various bag, shelves, boxes and drawers of my disorganized workroom and then through the shelves in my stash beside my “knitting” spot!

These shelves are new and are relatively organized – I should have started there!  There it was, in the top layer of a basket of projects, just waiting for me to pick it up again.

Some of the colours that call to me for fall!

I am putting together the fall class and workshop schedules.  I have been trying to run a traditional fair-isle glove class and it gets close but never gets quite enough students, maybe this time.   I wanted an updated photo for the stores blog, the last picture that I had taken was only the cuff.  The fact that my almost new Lantern Moon ebony dpn’s were in this project had nothing to do with my panicked desire to find it!  LOL!

3/4 sleeve sweater coat – soon to have full sleeves.

One of the advantages of rooting through the various spots that I have yarn stashed is that sometimes you find treasures;  like the one hank of Merisoft that I need to lengthen the sleeves of a top-down cardigan that I have been working on-again, off-again, and so on for the last year or so – I ran out of yarn and could not get any more so I decided to go for three-quarter sleeves, which looked absolutely ridiculous on a sweater that length and style.  The sweater went into the rethink pile.  Now in can be resurrected and the sleeve reknit for a properly balanced sweater.  When I took the sweater to work on Tuesday Emily thought that the short sleeves looked fine – I think I still need the long sleeves – maybe I am getting old and out of style!

The pace is much more relaxed on Gabriola.

This last weekend we went to Gabriola Island for a couple of nights, my husband has family with a cabin in the Twin Beaches area.  It was a great weekend.  The weather was perfect, the company was relaxed and the mosquito’s were friendly.  It always amazes me that with just such a short distance of travel on the ferry that you can be in a totally different place.

Very rural feeling with roads overhung with trees.

Gabriola is very rural feeling, but mostly the feel or pace of the island is very slow and relaxed and you can feel this just by driving off the ferry and onto the island.  The temperature drops, your shoulders relax and the pace is entirely new.

An incredible sunrise.

I was up early Saturday morning and got some great pictures of a gorgeous sunrise.  This was right before we got lost wandering through the little roadways of the peninsula!  Luckily the peninsula is really way too small to get really lost.

Later in the morning we went to the Gabriola market (it was a special market day as there was also a theatre festival on the island;  there were so many artists showing their beautiful work!) and bought fresh veg, and a homemade pie (for my husband) and some hand-dyed silk from Indigo Moon (for me).

Gorgeous Hand-dyed silk by Trish at Indigo Moon.

Both silks are laceweight; one is finer (1000m) than the other (600m), but the  colours of both called my name.

There is so much Art on Gabriola.  From the masterpieces carved in the rocks by the ocean to hand carved wooden faces and fanciful birdhouses.  New things to see are around every corner.  Most of those living on Gabriola seem to have an ability to “find” and repurpose objects into art.

Bright blue bird house hidden high up in a willow.

There are so many artists, from potters, to glassworkers, to wood carvers. weavers, dyers and jewelery makers, the skills are incredible, and the array of available styles incredible.  We saw it all at the market on saturday morning.

Sandstone carved by the work of the ocean.

In the afternoon we went for a walk around the peninsula that is Twin Beaches.  This little piece of the island is surrounded by fabulous sandstone sculptures carved by the efforts of the ocean over 1000’s of years.  Gorgeous!  I took way too many pictures.

Only a small show of colour that evening.

We tried for the sunset at Lighthouse point – but it was way to cloudy for anything but a small show of colour.

We went home on Sunday after having a wonderful weekend.

It was a good thing that the weekend was relaxing as the bathroom renovation starts this week!  It will not be relaxing at all!  LOL!

Happy Knitting


I took a great many pictures of the art and the sandstone rocks that I saw over the weekend.  I thought that you may want to see some more.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 Responses to A Scattered Life

  1. Ria Gibson says:

    What beautiful photos, Lynette. I always enjoy them so much.

  2. knotrune says:

    Love those rocks, I’d have probably taken at least as many photos as you if not more! 🙂

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