Crunchy Leaves All Around – Fall is Fabulous!

Pathways covered in big, brown, CRUNCHY leaves!

It is official – I am only 7 at heart!

Do you remember? Another joy from my childhood – something our children don’t get a chance to try as swing seats are no longer boards – sometimes a loss! I saw this photo on Pinterest – what memories it brought back!

Yesterday morning we walked around Louden Park and then in the afternoon we walked down at Departure Bay Beach at the bottom of the hill.  The pathways in both locations were covered in big brown dry leaves; the crunchy kind; the kind you want to rake up and then run and jump in!  Just to hear the leaves crunch under your feet and the earthy smell of loam and leaf rise up to your nose – I am seven again.

Walking towards the stairs at Louden Park!

I walked through the leaves and crunched to my heart’s content – Fall is fabulous!

Yesterday was a busy day.  I had the usual errands, groceries, butcher, walk Sophie and then lunch with a friend, walk Sophie again, supper and then knitting – in that order.

I always start the day with tea and playing around on the computer.  Yesterday I updated the “Front Page” pictures on both my personal Facebook page and LeTissier Designs Facebook page.  It seemed like they needed “freshening”.  While that was happening I had some tomato sauce burbling on the stove – there was a chance that we would have company for dinner and I knew that I had a busy day ahead!

I have never noticed this little spot before – in the summer it would be a great place to sit and dangle your feet in the lake – right now it is just a pretty picture as it a little cool for bare feet and lake water!

The reflections around the waters’ edge were clear and beautiful.

The walk around Louden Park was beautiful.  The sky was cloudy with blue breaks and the air was clear.  The path, grounds and trees were covered in large Maple leaves, curling and brown now, crunching as we walked and kicked our way through them.  Long Lake was calm with a few eddies as the wind blew across the surface.  The reflections of the trees and landscapes that surround the lake were fabulous.

The birdhouse – visible again.

There were several mated pairs of ducks here and there in the rushes and small feeder streams that are found as you walk around the park.

There was the bird house, found again as the underbrush of the spring and summer dies back.  It was a great walk.

Joyce has an I-phone and took this picture – hot choc at Cuckoo!

Lunch with Joyce was fabulous.  We drove out to Errington and ate at Cuckoo, the restaurant “behind the goats” at Coombs.  Italian and wonderful, hot choc, smoked salmon Fettucine and shared choc almond torte.  Good thing that I walked twice yesterday.  It was a great visit – just wished that I had planned more time.

When we started the walk at Departure Bay Beach the sun was still up but heading down behind Mt Benson.  The beach was littered with purple shells, and streamers of sea-weed; the small rocks had been pushed up close to the sea-wall by a very high tide the evening before and the breeze was “Fresh”.  By the time we finished our walk the sun was behind Mt Benson and the breeze was cold and blustery.

Bracken – changing colours with the fall. The fronds will soon be dry and curled up but they are beautiful right now.

Leaves started to blow around and the skies were darkening rapidly.  The days are shortening very rapidly!

Last night I started a new project.  Dreamin’ is waiting for a decision as to how I want to finish it.


I haven’t knit a felted bag in a few years.  It is time!  Colours, entrelac, bobbles, and I-cord; knit big and then felted!

I am leaning towards the blue beads over the opalescent ones – but it will be hard to tell until I try knitting with them.

Koigu, my favorite hand-dyed wool, is crying out for me to knit something!  I am thinking gloves, gauntlets, with beaded loops instead of fringe.

The colours are soft blues and creams and I am trying to pick the beads now!

Happy Knitting


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