Christmas Preparations Under Way!

It is really starting to feel like Christmas!

A nobel Pine tree for us this year.  A little smaller and not quite as many decorations - Sophie poses something of a hazard!

A “Nobel Pine” tree for us this year. A little smaller and not quite as many decorations – Sophie poses something of a hazard!

  • This morning we did our shopping and picked up the turkey.  It now resides in the fridge downstairs.
  • Then we took Sophie for a walk at Piper’s Lagoon.
  • Then we put the tree up!
  • Then I made Christmas Cookies – Fruit Drop cookies – 4 doz; and Walnut Shortbread – almost 9 doz!
  • The cookie baking was interrupted by a walk a Departure Bay Beach.
  • Then I wrapped some gifts – my husband has done most of the wrapping so far.
  • Tonight I will make my Grandmother’s shortbread!

Christmas is really just around the corner.  I don’t know why that is so surprising, but it is!

Right now I am having a cup of tea and testing out the cookies!  I think that they will pass muster.

Have you ever made Walnut Shortbread?  I use the Canada Cornstarch recipe as my base and add 1 cup of very finely chopped walnuts – a food processor works great for this!

1 cup flour, 1/2 cup icing sugar and cornstarch – sift together.

Add the walnuts and then work in 3/4 cup soft butter.

Roll out approx 1/4 inch thick and cup with a 1 and 1/2 inch round, cookie cutter.

Bake approx 18 to 20 min in a 300 degree oven.

They can be made in advance and kept for a few weeks.  Makes approx 4 doz cookies.

Are you just about ready for Christmas?  What are your Traditions?

Harbour Seal staring back at me!

Harbour Seal staring back at me!

We saw a couple of Harbour Seals this morning; Lazily diving and crossing the water in the bay in front of the Lagoon, they were quite something to see.  These are the big guys – some over 80 kgs and they are very pretty, spotted grey – more grey on grey!

It was pouring this morning; the sky met the ocean in a solid wall of grey.  It has a lonely kind of beauty.  This grey on grey horizon; the one we see a great deal of in the winter here.

The tides have been very high lately and there is a great deal of debris on the beach, it creates beautiful curves along the edge of the water.  The grey/blue of the ocean and the grey of the sand is divided by the brown and grees of the cedar and seaweed.

Many tiny fungus "shelves" growing from this single log.

Many tiny fungus “shelves” growing from this single log.

Natural Art.

Natural Art.

There are many fungus’ growing on the perpetually damp trees and logs at the Lagoon;  From the very small and prolific to the single perfect ledge.  The trees were dripping with water and the rain got worse as the day got later.

My knitting has been suffering a little lately.  My hands are a little sore so I haven’t been knitting as much or as hard as I usually do.  The fact that my son’s Christmas Vest is approx 12 inches too wide may have something to do with my attitude!  LOL!  It will need to be ripped back to the armholes (it is top-down), but that won’t happen until after Christmas.

Socks for a friend.

Socks for a friend.

I did finish a pair of socks this week and I should finish a couple of other projects this next week – as well as reknit the vest – it is a bulky knit on 8mm – it won’t take long.  What about your Christmas Knitting?  Is it going well?

I have been reading about the Saxon Merino Sheep that I will be  learning about in Clara Parkes Great White Bale – I am so excited.  I am like a little kid at Christmas!

Happy Knitting


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2 Responses to Christmas Preparations Under Way!

  1. QuiltinGram says:

    I’ve also been busy baking today. Must run in the family!! lol Still settling into the new home, quilt/bedroom is almost set-up..meantime, knit scarves for 2 great-nieces, friends g-daughter and one for Dad’s friend. Have a great Christmas!

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