Knitting Curves

Knitters are fascinated by Curves and Circles.

Kaffe Fassett - see the circles  in the pattern behind him

Kaffe Fassett – see the circles in the pattern behind him

Curves and Circles are not natural to the knitting grid, which creates shapes by rows of stitches and lines of stitches.  Kaffe Fassett is still fascinated by circular shapes in knitting.  His “dots” or “Poppies” patterns are all from his desire to create circles out of a square grid.  Dorothy Reade, a lace designer, wanted to create circular lace shapes.  To read more about Dorothy Reade check out Successful Lace Knitting by Donna Druchunas.  Circles and Curves do not come naturally to knitting.

Saracen, test knit in Indigo Moon Blue Faced Fingering,  Fiona finished it on Tuesday!

Saracen, test knit in Indigo Moon Blue Faced Fingering, Fiona finished it on Tuesday!

Saracen, my new shawl pattern, has curves.  Lots of them, curved edge, curved shape and then many, many curved cables along each edge.

Edged with Reversible Cables.

Edged with Reversible Cables.

It is shaped like a Crescent Moon, a shallow Bay or the Blade of a Saracen Warrior.  I could have named  it the Crescent Shawl, or Sunrise Bay, but I chose Saracen.  Why?  Both edges of the shawl are finished with reversible cables – this is a crescent with a bite.

The Saracen class is this Saturday.  The class sold out in four days  so I will be running another class, but not until April.  Saracen will be released on Ravelry on Sunday and loaded onto Patternfish as well – though they take longer to put in up onto the site.

Beaded Bubbles

Bead Bubble Socks!

Bead Bubble Socks!

I guess that I am just as fascinated with curves in knitting as many other designers.  One of the patterns that I am working on is for the spring classes.  It is the “Bead Bubble Socks”.  A lacy front sock, curvy lace, finished with – I cheated a little here – beaded crochet circles.  These wonderful little bubbles of beads are perfect little circles, but make with a crochet hook and not a knitting needle.

Little crochet bead bubbles!

Little crochet bead bubbles!

I first tried out the crochet bubbles on the cuff of a glove, that pattern is still under construction – I haven’t decided how to finish the back of the glove.

The glove yarn is Kia Ora Kiwi by Zealana Yarns.  It is one of the nicest yarns for gloves that I have found.  The combination of the fibre’s: cotton, possom and merino, creates a fabulous finish and feel.

Playing with bubbles!

Playing with bubbles!


Right now my focus is on the sample for the Retreat in February.  I am working on a Double-Knit fair-isle scarf.  The Designer is Abbott Smith and I am knitting it with Rowan Fine Tweed.  Gorgeous Yarn.  I am, of course, working the deepest colourway; not my usual colours, but the effect is so rich!

Dark Side

Dark Side

Because the scarf is double-knit, each side mirrors the other; where it is dark on one side, it will be light on the other; because the scarf is double-knit, the knitting is a little slower than regular knitting as you are knitting both sides at once; because it is double-knit, I am using a much smaller needle than normal.

LIght Side

LIght Side

Many things about double-knitting that are just a little different from the norm.

The result is a wonderful fabric with two beautiful sides.  The fabric is also warm and cushy.  Lots of space to capture air!

I will finish and felt the Entrelac Bag this weekend and finish the Tracie cap.  The cap is so pretty that I have decided to redo it in another yarn and add beads.  It will make a great Spring/Summer Class.

I hope that your knitting is progressing as you like.

Happy Knitting


My favorite image of Saracen.

My favorite image of Saracen.

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  1. Jenny says:

    That shawl looks just beautiful.

  2. Magdalen says:

    I love the colors you’re using for the double-knit scarf. I’m eager to see how it develops.

  3. indigomoon3 says:

    Reblogged this on West Coast Musings and commented:
    I’d like to show you a photo of the new Saracen shawl by Lynette in Wild Berries BFL…but I don’t have a photo yet. Hope this “reblogging” works 🙂

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