“From Your Valentine”

Last Spring at this time I was creating wildly Spring Themed Cozies.

Last Spring at this time I was creating wildly Spring Themed Cozies.

According to CKNW this morning the legend of Valentine’s – abbreviated – started with a Roman Doctor writing his last missive to a woman he had healed.  His name was Valentinus and he ended the note “from your Valentine”; and a whole day of remembrance and celebration was created in his name.  Many cultures celebrate religious feasts in his name.  He was also made a Saint.  This was one impressive individual.

Sweet gift from my Sweetheart!

Sweet gift from my Sweetheart!

Chaucer added the elements of love and affection and it just kept growing from there.  Today we have the Valentine’s day of cards, dinners and affectionate gift giving.

Vintage Valentine with Vintage Memories

Vintage Valentine with Vintage Memories

My favorite Valentine’s Days were in Grade School and the wonderful paper valentine’s card that would give to the teacher and our friends and that favorite boy.  Expectations were great and we were seldom disappointed!  Life was so simple.

Life is still simple.  My favorite gift is time.  The card is always remembered by him; but not always by me – though I did remember this year!  Dinner will be out this evening and our life together will be celebrated.  Thank-you Valentine.

Love and Spring Always seem to go Together

There is extra energy in the air; new growth in soil and softness to the rain.  It is not officially Spring yet – that is still over a month away.  But it is Spring here.

I have Spring Fever.  Nothing I knit can hold me and I am starting more projects than I can possibly in this Season; it is wonderful; the energy is there and I am going with the flow!  Last year it was Cozies and this year it is shawls and beads!

Bronze Roses!

Bronze Roses!

Bronze Roses is finished, except for a few finishing details.  I am very pleased with the results of the blend colours in they yarn and beads!  I have designed the painting project for the summer class and I am just waiting for the yarn to arrive.  I think that this year the yarn will be a 4-ply Blue Faced Leicester from Fleece Artist.  The body of the Crystalline shawl is almost done – only four more rows.  I made a small mistake and have to go back and fix – it is waiting for the weekend.

The most exciting project for me – right now – is the Summer Saracen.  I am reknitting the Saracen shawl in a summer weight yarn.  Pollyanna – a  value yarn from one of our suppliers.

Summer Saracen in Pollyanna!

Summer Saracen in Pollyanna!

“Value” yarn because it is inexpensive.  “Value” yarn because it has great yardage for the price – 500m.  “Value” yarn because the exact blend of Polyester, Flax and Silk is unknown.

Painted Pollyanna!

Painted Pollyanna!

It does not knit like a “Value” yarn.  Pollyanna, has great depth and texture;  depth and sheen from the silk and texture from the flax.  It has been spun a little unevenly which also adds texture.  It knits beautifully; it paints beautifully and it drapes beautifully.

I know this because I have worked with the yarn once before.  I painted a shawl with it a couple of years ago and loved the results.  I am not sure about painting Summer Saracen, though I am toying with the idea of painting the cable on the edge.  I am going to swatch, paint, and see what I think of the results!

Are you gripped by Spring Fever?  Have you started some new projects or are you in a Finishing Frenzy?  How do you celebrate Spring?

Rain has been falling softly on the ground, dappling the crocuses with diamonds!

Rain has been falling softly on the ground, dappling the crocuses with diamonds!

Are the bulbs coming up in your garden?  Do you have a favorite?  Mine is the crocus, bright notes of colour against the dark soil!

Happy Spring Knitting


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  1. knotrune says:

    We had snow two days ago! But today feels more like spring 🙂 the sun is shining and calling me out for a walk this afternoon – if it stays…

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