Knitting Symbols and Dancing Glass

The view at Diver's Lake

The view at Diver’s Lake

The Blackberries are starting.

The Blackberries are starting.

One should never go to sleep after making a mistake in knitting – you worry about it all night long.  One should never try to fix a knitting mistake at night when one is tired – you will make it worse.  One should not knit at night – you are tired and will make mistakes.  Not to knit or not to sleep – OK!  That is easy – not to sleep works for me!

A perfect foxglove

A perfect foxglove

Last night I was knitting on a new project; a little something for the Holiday Vogue issue later this year; and I made a mistake – or at least I thought I made a mistake.  My chart and my knitting were not matching up.  It was late and I was tired and could not figure out the discrepancy.  I went to bed thinking that I would have to rip back thirty-four long rows of lace knitting.  I was not happy and as a result spent most of the night worrying about it.

It was hard to see where the trees stopped and the water started the reflections on Divers lake were so perfect this morning.

It was hard to see where the trees stopped and the water started the reflections on Divers lake were so perfect this morning.

It is amazing what a bad night will do for your knitting!  It was not a mistake in my knitting – it was a mistake in my charting!  I had made a mistake in creating my chart – which was a 20 minute fix on the computer, minor when compared to having to reknit two evenings worth of knitting – with a deadline looming!IMG_7677

While I was awake stewing about my knitting and the possible problems – where the mistake was etc.  I also started to think about a new type of charting for knitting that I had just read about this week – Stitch Maps.

Stitch Maps are designed to free us from the grid system of charting out our knitting patterns.  As a long time user of grid style charts I am not sure that it was a system that really needed to be changed, but I have to admit that I do like the cleaner look of the Stitch Maps.

Down the path and through the woods at Divers lake.

Down the path and through the woods at Divers lake.

I do think that Stitch Maps will not work well for paper patterns – they would be very hard to follow without some kind of visual line guide (like the grid), which the on-line applications do create and apply.  Our eyes wander fall from the lines on their own – especially when we are tired.

The Stitch Maps do allow the knitter to see the flow of the pattern before it is knit – very useful if creating an entirely new stitch pattern without any visual references.  For a designer that application could be extremely useful, allowing one to see the flow of the pattern without actually knitting it out to see if the stitch repeat and flow would work for the pattern the designer has in mind.  I am looking forward to playing with the Stitch Maps in the future.  Maybe they would have saved me from my sleepless night!

Weeds are so pretty!

Weeds are so pretty!

The Chihuly Glass exhibit is much on my mind at the moment.  The colours especially dance through my head as I am planning future projects.

Glass and Knitting mirror each other.  Like knitting, glass flows to create many shapes.  The glass artist uses air and heat to create the flow, knitters use needles and string to create a fabric that flows and drapes, much like the glass.  Glass, which starts with flowing minerals, once cooled, remains static, immobilized, holding the shape until it shatters.  Knitting, which starts with a static fibre, once finished, drapes and changes with every object, every breeze encountered.

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The Ikebana and Float Boat were in the next room at the Chihuly Exhibit.  This room was meant to evoke some of the feelings of Chihuly’s water garden exhibits.  I only wish that there had been water.  The reflections were beautiful and the glass colourful, but this was to me the least powerful of the rooms.

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The next room was the Chandelier Room.  Glowing glass Chandeliers, so large and vibrant that they just filled the space with light and shadow.

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The Macchia Forest – large waving glass bowls created with incredible colours and beautiful flowing edges finished inside and out with contrasting shapes and tones.  Like the Persian Ceiling I could have stayed here for hours.

My first knitting project directly influenced by the Chihuly Exhibit – Chihuly Chevrons.  A pair of chevron striped gloves.  The yarn is the Blueridge Footlights in the Pansy Colourway!

Happy Knitting


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