Mushrooms Anyone?

Walking towards the lake.  So gorgeous!

Walking towards the lake. So gorgeous!

This muchroom was just shy of 8 inches across!

This mushroom was just shy of 8 inches across!

Last weekend was one of those special weekends.  It was a long weekend because of Thanksgiving; we had wonderful company and a great Thanksgiving Dinner; and every walk, every day of the weekend.  We walked at three different parks.  I hope that you enjoy the images.

We walked Neck Point Park on Saturday.

We are experiencing such beautiful weather right now and our world is so calm and peaceful.

Saturdays walk was a great walk for bird watching.  There were two eagles riding the breezes above us, cormorants on the rocks, ducks in the water and sunning themselves on the beach.


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Eagles soaring above us as we walked.

Eagles soaring above us as we walked.

We crashed our way through Crunchy Brown Maple leaves all weekend.  The air was crisp and smelled of Fall – Smoky, Peaty and Damp – all at once.

I am so blown away by the mushroom spotting right now!  We walked Hemer Park on Sunday and I saw so many new (to me) types of mushrooms.  How had I never noticed the variety of mushrooms around us before!?  I saw more mushrooms Monday in Linley Valley!

Such amazingly clear reflections off of Holden Lake.

Such amazingly clear reflections off of Holden Lake.

It was a particularly nice walk at Hemer Park.  We were joined by our daughter Beth and her dog Stella.  It made for an entertaining walk.  Sophie and Stella get along so well – but do they move fast!  I couldn’t take all of the photo’s I wanted to as I was constantly lagging behind.

The waters in the Marsh and Holden Lake were so still that they made for perfect mirrors.  Reflecting the skies above and the trees and vegetation along the shoreline – the picture in the water was almost as clear as the real and the colours of water and clouds were deeper and richer.

I was surprised that there were no ducks in the marsh or on the lake.  I had seen so many the day before I guess that I just expected that there would be more!

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We did see more ducks on Cottle Lake on Monday.  There was a large flock cruising around the lake.  Always moving away from us of course!

Cottle Lake

Cottle Lake

There were more mushrooms on the Linley Valley trails.  From the most miniscule to large white behemoths – the variety was incredible.  Like Holden Lake, Cottle Lake was calm.  As we walked the trails, leaves crunching underfoot and falling from the trees I am reminded of why Fall is my favorite time of year.  There is so much colour and movement and texture to this time of year!  Sound, Sight and Smell combine to create a series of memories that all build to create a certain kind of contentment and comfort for me.  It is Special.

The weather has been and still is perfect, no wind and lots of sunshine.  This is going to be theme of the whole week.  This is Fall for me.

Knitting Related Topics

Vogue Knitting #10 - red lace shawl.  Photo credit to follow.

Vogue Knitting #10 – red lace shawl. Photo credit to follow.

I have been busy knitting and designing like crazy!

Vogue Knitting has put up the designs for the Holiday 2013 edition.  I have a shawl in this one.  It was knit with red Air by Zealana.  The directions were to create a cobweb style shawl.  I think that I succeeded!

I am working on patterns for an E-book for  The Buffalo Wool Company.  I will have four patterns in the book; Cow Girl Bandana, Sexy Yippie, Rose of Texas and Turtle Flower Gauntlets.

The Bandana and Yippie are done, Rose is about to be blocked – Rose is special to me – I designed it and Fiona knit it up for me from the pattern.  This is the first time that I have designed something without knitting it myself.  Fiona did a great job and put up with me changing things part way!

The gauntlet pattern has been a bit of a challenge that I think I have conquered.  After a couple of false starts I am just about finished the first cuff and ready to move onto the hand.

There are three patterns that will be coming out of classes this Fall.  The Chihuly Chevron Gloves, Frost Flower Beaded Cap and Madeline’s Baby Booties.

First knit and then reknit to test the pattern.  I think that I have some gorgeous hand-dyed yarn on its way for the test knit!

First knit and then reknit to test the pattern. I think that I have some gorgeous hand-dyed yarn on its way for the test knit!

I am always knitting.  There is the Cathedral sweater that I want to have knit by Christmas; I have at least three lace shawl patterns on the designing board; not to mention the idea’s I have for this book of patterns that I have floating around in my head!  LOL

Have you noticed that time and ideas never match – way too many idea’s and never enough time to knit them up?!

Hope that you are having a great week!

Happy Knitting



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