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Kullamaa kandist

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See sõrmikupaar kinnitas jälle, et minust vist koopiakudujat ikka ei saa. Õnneks või kahjuks, mine võta kinni. Aga vanade mustrite kütkes olen ma küll. Ma olen juba ammuilma tahtnud kududa oma…

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Rolling , Rollicking…..

  ……ROARING! Millstone River in Bowen Park is overflowing its banks and crashing down to the ocean – every bit of ground is saturated and the many dips and dives have become mini streams feeding into the River! An Amazing Sight! … Continue reading

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Natures Jewellery

Delicate details – inspiration for man. Etching sharp edges. Perfect crystalline Pearls. Nature does it best.  Crisp Curls and Wavy Ripples Happy Winter on the Wet Coast. Lynette

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Red-Breasted Sapsucker

This morning’s walk at Morden Colliery was a pretty normal walk.  Damp, foggy, lots of green and grey mosses and lichens and everything dripping with moisture. But…. As we were walking towards the car…. I saw a flash of red out … Continue reading

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…. Was a very exciting day for me. On Sunday I posted Buffalo Girl Bands to Ravelry.  This is a new pattern from me and it is free right now!  Well yesterday morning I woke up to find my new pattern … Continue reading

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