Fall Knitting

Blue Monday Lace.

Blue Monday Lace.

First swatch - not the right yarn - but the idea will work!

First swatch for the Retreat – not the right yarn – but the idea will work!

Well really, Fall knitting is no different from knitting at any other time of year!  It just seems different because it is “Fall”.  It means we can wear our new knits immediately – no waiting for the season to change – the time is now!

For me Fall is all about knitting and designing – many projects, both knit and design start at this time of year – usually more projects than I finish.

And in no particular order!

Whales Tale - Sweater Back is complete!

Whales Tale – Sweater Back is complete!

First off – I have finally finished Blue Monday Lace.  This shawl is for me and is knit from yarn from the Great White Bale – the third lot – the Kraemer Experiment!  I love it!  The yarn feels like silk velvet and the Delica beads are the perfect accent.  I know only have one batch of Bale yarn left, enough for a short sleeve sweater! – but there are rumours of a new Bale project – I want to participate!

The Retreat – the design has been decided – the yarn as well.  Those of you waiting for the e-mail it won’t be long now!

Salish Sea Collection – Cowichan Inspired Sweaters – I have finished 2 backs now and will have the third done by Tuesday this week!  Then I will need to finish all three sweaters – small, medium and large!

Poster Bison Cap - this sample has been knit with Buffalo Skies - but the sample in the store has been knit with Rimu - both are fabulous!

Poster Bison Cap – this sample has been knit with Buffalo Skies – but the sample in the store has been knit with Rimu – both are fabulous!

I am very happy with the results – I think that you will be too!  Back number 2 is “Whales Tale”.  And that sweater when it is done will be for me!

Poster Bison Cap – the pattern is done and is sized for baby to adult!  The response to this pattern when friends and customers saw the baby set  really surprized and please me – I am already working on a couple of other ideas along the same line!

Scrap Vest for Logan – is more than half done – It will go into the Christmas Box!  What fun just letting the colours flow from one to the other without worrying about matching – luckily Beth doesn’t

Logan's Scrap Vest.

Logan’s Scrap Vest.

worry about colours for boys or girls – just colours are all about fun!

I am working on a couple of ideas for the Buffalo Wool Co. right now – a dressy little sweater with a lace yoke – knit with Sexy and Sexy With a Silver Lining.  This will be a fitted number with no or negative ease and knit from the top down.

I am really loving the way this is coming out – the contrast between the glittery lace yoke, knit with Sexy with a Silver Lining and the solid stockinet body in Sexy – the possibilities are intriguing!

Top Down Sexy

Top Down Sexy

Not enough yet!

Year of Making Squares – my squares to date. Not enough for my blanket yet!

The Year of Making only has a couple of months left in it – we have over 24 squares published and still more on the way!  Have you checked them out yet?

I have a couple of other projects on the way for the Buffalo Wool Co – I will keep you informed!

Koigu 7 has just been releases this last week.  Have you seen it yet?  We have it at Mad About Ewe.  I have a couple of designs in it!

Emily and I went to Knit City this year – to hear Clara Parkes speak on the Friday Night – she was talking about the Great White Bale.  Clara is a wonderful speaker, very engaging.  I felt like I was listening to a friend speak.  I had a wonderful time and got one of my books signed.

Undyed Silks from SanJoSilk

Undyed Silks from SanJoSilk

Saturday morning we went to the market!  I scored some yarn at the market – some truly incredible silks, from SanJoSilk.  All undyed – some for painting and a deep, dark laceweight that is strictly for knitting!  I was avery happy woman!

And then we went to Granville Market – to Maiwa!  A supply store of intriguing bits and bobs, information on knitting, dyeing and other needle works.  What an experience!

Amzing Silk/Linen Blend.

Amazing Silk/Linen Blend.


What a Day!

What a start to the Fall!  There are still two months to come!

I think that I am tired just looking at my plans for the Fall!  Are you like me – to many projects, not enough time – but loving every minute of the chaos?!

Happy Knitting


Below are some Details from Blue Monday Lace Shawl.


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  1. Denise Whittle says:

    Beautiful work, Lynette, as always! Logan is very lucky to have you as his Gramma.

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