Handpainting with dyes and working with Beads!

Headshot for Vogue

Headshot for Vogue

July 2013;  I cannot believe that it has been over two years since I last updated my “about” page.  These last two years plus have spend by so quickly.

I am still designing, and if anything, at a more rapid pace.  The ideas are flying around my brain constantly, battling to come out!

A little something for Malabrigo.

A little something for Malabrigo.

Since the Vogue Magic of Mohair competition I have had patterns in several Vogue Knitting Publications, the next one will be the Holiday 2013.  One of my patterns will be in the next Malabrigo booklet and I have written patterns for Jimmy Beans Wool and the Buffalo Wool Company.  I am slowly branching out.

Yippie Ki Yi Yea

Yippie Ki Yi Yea

This year I entered another design competition and won!  I designed Yippie Ki Yi Yea for the Buffalo Wool Company.  The pattern was for a specific yarn – they had a created a unique knitting yarn from Bison down and real gold thread; called Buffalo Gold this yarn retails at $250 a hank – the challenge was to design something that reflected the heritage of the yarn and had to be knit with only one hank!

I still live in the same place and work at the same store – Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns.  Both of my children have finished their Schooling and life is good.

Sophie looking cute a few days ago!

Sophie looking cute a few days ago!

A beagle puppy entered out lives last year.  She loves yarn and her name is Sophie.  Sometimes her name is taken in vain as she loves yarn waaay tooo much!

March 2011:  These last 6 months have been an incredible journey for me!  The blog and my knitting have been growing together.  Last November I walked outside of my comfort zone and entered Vogue’s Magic of Mohair Design competition.  I became one of 12 finalists, the only Canadian, and in January flew off to New York to participate in the first ever Vogue Knitting Live Gala Dinner! A lot of firsts for everyone.

Victorian Falls Wrap and Sheath

At the dinner they announced the winners and there my name was, announced as 1st runner-up – up on the big board!  From arriving in New York Friday night to our departure Sunday morning – those were the fastest and most incredible 36hrs of my life.

I have just finished the pattern and it is off to Vogue for publication in June – the Early Fall Edition.  What a journey!

I have been knitting for thirty plus years, and designing for only about two and a half years.  My early design training was in theatre costume design, and this love of period and costume has been carried into my knitting designs.  Many of my designs are beaded, and I have recently started hand-painting my lace designs to use colour to highlight the lace.  I still have a lot to learn.

Eleven years ago I started teaching and then working at my LYS, Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns.  The teaching is what started me in on knitting design, I needed patterns that were teachable.  As I got more experienced, I started to make the patterns more than handouts and then started creating actual patterns.

I am very happily married, I did it right the second time.  I have two wonderful children – what else can one say about one’s children! and a cat and a dog!  I live on Vancouver Island – the most beautiful place on Earth.

Constant Source of Inspiration

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29 Responses to About

  1. Fran Heaney says:

    I live in West Vancouver and pop over a few times a year to stay in Qualicum for a week or weekend. I would love to know when you will be having a workshop and would also like to know where your knitting store is so that I can visit.
    Please also let me know what Mag/edition you will be published in!
    Thanks, Fran.

    PS. I am an avid knitter and a hoarder of yarns!

    • Hi Fran,
      Mad About Ewe is in the Old City Quarter of Nanaimo, just up the hill from downtown. Check out the Mad About Ewe website for the workshops and classes. The spring workshops are up and the summer are pending. Workshops are usually on Saturdays in the spring and Thursdays in the summer. Right now our next retreat will be next February sometime – if anything changes we will let you know. Please e-mail us at madaboutewe@telus.net and we will put you on our e-mail list and you will get out regular e-mail newsletters.

      I just found out yesterday that I will be published in the Early Fall edition of Vogue Knitting – out sometime early/mid June.

      Looking forward to meeting you!


  2. Earl H. Le says:

    Lynette, it is wonderful to see such beautiful objects put together by someone who happens to have the same last name as mine. My great grandfather came from the Island of Guernsey in the English Channel. I live just north of Detroit, Michigan, USA. Earl

    • Hi Earl,
      Thanks for the wonderful comment. It is amazing how small the world is becoming. There is a good chance that we were related somewhere in past generations as my Grandfather was also from Guernsey. LeTissier is not a common name! Hope that you have a great day!

  3. I must have come across your blog before … I recognise the shawl at the top of the page – it’s gorgeous!!!

  4. Got the early Fall issue of Vogue and I have to say I love your work and I am glad I found you!

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  6. Annie says:

    Every aspect of your work transports me – from photography to narrative to painted knitting. Thank you so much.

  7. Rose says:

    Letissierdesigns – what wonderful work you display in your blog.

    I have a question – you may be able to help me with given your interest in the Vogue Knitting magazine. I used to collect VK books and have a long standing passion with the craft. In one of these issues I used to have was a pattern from memory of an indigo colour “tailored” cardigan, I think may have been designed by Valentino – Opposite to the page with the image oI this indigo coloured cardigan I believe there was an orange coloured garment. I have been looking for this for many years – if you could offer me some assistance I would be very happy and appreciative, thank you for your inspiration

    • Hi Rose,
      Can you give me a year? I have most of the 30 years worth of the VK knititng magazines and do not have the time to go through them all right now!
      I will keep my eyes open for it when I am looking through, but without a year I would not know even where to start!
      Happy Knitting

  8. Rose says:

    thank you Lynette for your prompt reply, as for the year? this is one of the problems I face – 1980s or 90s is all I can think of, most likely in the midst of these years – I will keep searching & very much appreciate your time in responding – Rose

  9. tfaswift says:

    Hello Lynette 🙂 Wow, you are one of those women that every other woman wants to be. You’ve got it all sorted out plus your’e crazy-talented. I doubt you’ll be interested in why I found your blog, but I’ll tell you anyway just in case. My name is Tilda, and I came looking for knitting-focused (and craft) blogs for a reason. I do a Blog Challenge, which until now has been focused mainly on writing and a photo challenge. I would like to introduce some more creative elements to the next Challenge, however, which is due to start fairly soon, and I have been thinking of adding a knitting part to the Challenge (as well as drawing, painting, poetry and probably other crafts). But before I commit to a knitting challenge, for example, I need to go around some knitting-focused blogs to ask if any knitters would be interested in participating.

    Do you think that might be something that would interest you or your followers? The knitting challenge would simply be that I would offer two themes and then knitters could knit anything they like based on either theme, whichever they prefer. For example the themes might be “rustic” and “sparkle”. Then the knitter (or other craft) could choose whichever theme they prefer and make *anything* they like as long as it incorporates that theme.

    If they like, they could participate in the rest of the Challenge and be eligible to earn Awards to be displayed on their blog, and win prizes, but that is purely optional. Here’s my blog in case you’d like to take a look at the current Challenge and if you think you or anyone else would be interested in participating if I included some more creative aspects to it, including knitting and crafts, would you let me know? http://tfaswift.com.

    I’m not trying to plug my blog; I just need to know before I start a more creative challenge if any knitters etc. would know where to find it, or whether they’d even be interested! To have someone as talented as yourself make an entry to my Blog Challenge would be an honour, but I do understand that you have so much going on with serious competitions that my little challenge probably seems rather inconsequential. Still, no harm in asking! Thank you so much for your time, and either way, good luck with all your exquisite projects! 🙂

  10. The shawl is outrageously beautiful, and if that view is your inspiration then you are one very lucky, and inspired person! That view is truly heaven.

  11. Vancouver Island is very close to the most beautiful place on Earth – our place in the San Juans wins, at least for me.

    • Hi Ellen,
      We live in the same area of the world – our surrounding landscapes must be very similar. It is a wonderful feeling to love where you live. Thank-you for the comment.


  12. Bernadette Mensen says:

    Have a question about your pattern of mittens and slouchy I bought in Kelowna a couple of weeks ago but I am at a loss now that I started the hat.

    • Hi Bernadette,

      Are you on Ravelry? Could you contact me through ravelry instead? It is easier to respond to a technical question there.
      I am happy to help if you have a pattern question. Please let me know what your problem is. Have you started the hat and run into difficulty or are you having issues starting?


  13. Bernadette Mensen says:

    Put my question on Ravelry except did not put my name in there, my ravelry name is knitrocky

  14. Sue says:

    Hi Fran,
    I have three old,60 to 80 years,Shetland baby shawls. They were for me , my brother and my cousin, knitted by my grandmother. My mother’s family came to Edinburgh from Lerwick just before she was born. The family and my father’s family were both originally from Unst.
    My grandmother died when I was six but in most of my memories of her she is knitting and I was lucky to grow up in Edinburgh wearing Fair Isle sweaters and coloured Shetland lace scarves.
    I’m looking for a home for these shawls. I’m not looking for money, but I would like them to be treasured and not just thrown out.
    You clearly have a love and appreciation of such things and wonder if you have any suggestions for me.

  15. Today I clicked on Le Tissier Designs for the first time. My very lucky day!! I don’t know what I like best – the articles about knitting and the patterns or your wonderful nature photos! I am a friend of Judy Ellis, a very nice, kind, and private person, and a customer of Buffalo Wool Co.
    Thank you so much for all your posts!

    • Good morning Helga,

      What a wonderful way to start my day! I opened up the blog and noticed there was a comment pending – so sorry that I missed it yesterday! Judy is a wonderful person and has been editing the pattern for the Buffalo wool Co Mystery KAL. I hope to meet her one day.

      I am so glad that you are enjoying my blog – it needs a little TLC right now – I have just been so busy!

      Have a great day!


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