Method for Pre-strung Beads – Placed in Front of Slipped Stitches

Clear view of finished Diamond pattern with slipped stitches.

This method of bead placement works very well for placing beads that you want to be prominent.  The beads sit on your yarn on top of a stitch.  They are most effective when framed by purl stitches – they also stay in place better.  Though I have worked them without the purl stitch frames on firm knitting and they do not move around too much.

Beads are on slip stitch without the purl st frames.

Beads placed in this manner sit vertically to your knitting and look very similar to Beads placed between stitches, unlike beads between stitches these beads can only be seen on the right side of your work.


Bring your yarn forward and purl a stitch, slip the next stitch purlwise, pull up a bead to sit close to the stitch just purled and over the stitch just knit.  Purl the next stitch.  Bead is in place.

Happy Beading


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