Book Reviews

I have been a book collector since age 12.  I have shelves and shelves of books of all styles and interests.  When I became a knitter – what could be more natural – I started a knitting book collection!  I have seldom come across a book that I didn’t like, its the nature of a book fan, every book has something to offer, maybe not what you thought it would be in the beginning, but some nugget of interest almost always emerges.

When I started to teach and design I began using the books I collected in a new way.  Now I look at the books from a very different perspective.  The books I that I will talk about are books I’ve used, enjoyed and go back to many times over.  I’ll talk about reference books, pattern books, technical books, sock books (large enough selection to be on their own) and inspirational books.

Books and Yarn Side by Side

Happy Knitting


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