Reference Books – The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques

The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques – Margaret Radcliffe – Storey Publishing – 2008

I purchased this book last year and was very pleased with the how thoroughly Ms. Radcliffe covered the techniques that involve colour!  I did not find any gaps.  From the basics of striping, fair-isle and intarsia to some of the more technically difficult colour techniques, her information is comprehensive and easy to understand.

Ms. Radcliffe not only looks at knitting techniques for solid coloured yarns but at hand-dyed and space dyed yarns as well.  She examines techniques that will give the best results for both styles of yarns.  She uses texture to great effect and gives many suggestions and lots of great photographs to illustrate the ideas she is talking about.

This book is filled with lots of great information for learning the basics of design, from colour theory and finishing to standardized garment sizing and how to fix mistakes.  The how-to pictorials are clear and large, making them easy to see and understand as you work through the techniques!  The stitch library is worth the price of the book, every stitch is explained fully and accompanied by approriate cast-on techniques (when necessary) and variations in the designs.

I have not worked with any of the patterns in the book.  They were not the reason for my purchase, but if you want to look at them check out the book through Ravelry.  Ravelry is a great way to preview a book – just go to your library, add the book and then you can check out the patterns, projects and results to see how other knitters worked the patterns.

Twinned Knit Baby Cap - Hearts in Hand

I have looked to the book for information on Brioche, Twining, I-cord and some interesting finishing.  Ms. Radcliffe offers some cast-on alternatives for Brioche and Twining that I had not seen in any other books and I am looking forward to playing with some of her double knitting techniques.  A very satisfying purchase – I will be working with this book often in the future.

Happy Knitting


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