Sock Books

Out of Print Pamphlet! English translation of a German Sock Pamphlet.

Sock books deserve their own category – most sock books combine patterns and techniques with one illustrating the other.  There are also are so many sock books available to us!  At last count I have at least 27 sock books on my shelves (I do not own all that are available!) and that does not include the golden oldie pamphlets from years gone by.  Socks have been popular in pattern and book format for many years.  Everyone likes warm feet.

Sock books can take us around the world and to different times.  Some sock designers can bend our minds with their unique view of the sock and how to construct a better fitting version.  Socks can now be knit 2 at a time on two circular needles or on one long circular needle.  Some can even knit one sock inside the other!

  • Socks are the perfect travelling companion.  They offer lots of knitting time and don’t take up too much room in the suitcase.  Socks offer the opportunity to try out new techniques and colour combinations, without the commitment to a full-sized garment!  I can wear yellow on my feet without the accompanying comment – you don’t look so well today, are you feeling well!?  I love a bright yellow, but my skin tones do not!
  • Socks make a perfect gift – I have yet to find anyone who does not appreciate handknit socks.  Don’t forget to start with yourself!  In fact they may be too perfect and you will find yourself forever knitting socks to fulfill the constant demand!

    Socks for a Gift.

Socks can evoke another time:  Argyle socks and Bobby socks evoke the 1950’s and sock hops.  The classic worksock of grey ragg, cream and red, has been around for a century or more and brings back memories of sock monkey toys and childhood.  Sock monkeys have even made a comeback recently and there is nothing cuter than a baby wearing miniature work socks!

Happy Sock Knitting


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