Sock Knitting Master Class

Sock Knitting Master Class – Ann Budd Ed. – Interweave Press – 2011.

This book is hot off the presses and includes a 95min DVD, 17 patterns by 15 A-list designers and lots of different sock construction technique and design ideas and how-to’s by those same designers.  For each pattern Clara Parks has added a note about the best sock yarns for that particular pattern, helping you to make a great choice for the best finish.  There are three basic sections to the book:  the basics – yarn, gauge and needles, comfort and fit, including heels, toes,  and aesthetics:  top-down construction, cast-ons and cast-offs and 10 of the patterns:  toe-up construction, cast-ons and cast-offs and the remaining 7 patterns.

I have been waiting somewhat impatiently for Sock Knitting Master Class for the last few months.  I thought that I wanted it when I first heard it was coming.  I knew I wanted it when I saw the excerpt in the Interweave knits. I lusted after it as it moved in and out of the store so fast that we couldn’t keep up with the demand.  This last shipment I decided that one of the copies was mine.

First on My List

It is everything that I wanted and expected it to be.  If you are you a sock knitter who wants to move beyond the basics this is the perfect book for you.  If you a good knitter who always thought that socks were a little boring this is the perfect book for you.  If you are a knitter who wants to add some specific technical skills, such as shadow knitting, entrelac and traveling stitches to your knitting this is the perfect book for you.  This is just a perfect sock knitting book.

I haven’t knit any of the patterns yet – there could be some errors, but those would be only minor issues.  First on my list is Meg Swansen’s Twisted Stitch Stockings.  I have knit some Twisted-Stitch patterns before and this pattern is particularly nice, but what makes it unique is the foot – the shaping is totally unique in my experience!  The French Market Socks by Nancy Bush and Cat Bordi’s Pussy Willow Socks are high on my list as well.

French Market Socks by Nancy Bush.

The patterns are beautifully presented, the charts are clear and the instructions and ideas are plentiful.  You will receive many hours of thinking, designing and knitting pleasure from this book.  I have already spent a couple of hours just viewing the patterns and reading the notes and I am ready to play with some sock yarn!

Happy Sock Knitting


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