Interesting Choice of Sample Swatch for Painting

Leaf and Point Trio

I taught a class this summer on Handpainting with Dyes.  It was in two parts.

Part 1 – start your knitting, that was early July.  My students received the pattern Leaf And Point Trio, with the choice of three possible projects, the yarn and instructions to knit the main project and a couple of sample swatches for painting.  The swatches were to be knit with the same yarn as the big project, so that the students could test out the colours they were interested in before they painted the big project.  It would give them time to get the “feel” of what happens when you paint your knitting with the dyes.

Part 2 – paint your projects!  The painting part of the class was this last Thursday.  The class went very well and Lindsey, one of the students, brought with her a very interesting sample swatch.

Lindsey had knit a small scarf, fichu to paint.  She choose a very simple lace pattern, an old Shetland Lace and knit up a short little scarf, about 6 inches wide and 3 feet long.   It turned out fabulously.  A simple lace texture combined with a paisley styled colour patten. I want to do one just like it!  Next summer I think!

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Happy Knitting


5 Responses to Interesting Choice of Sample Swatch for Painting

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  3. teresa borener says:

    Hello Lynette,
    Gosh, I live on your site, it inspires me so! Lace is my passion and I’ve been hankering to do some beadwork so when I saw your Abbey Lace Fan up on the screen my eyes almost popped out. Wow, lady, that is sweet.
    Is the pattern available to purchase?
    Let me know and in the mean time, enjoy sweet springtime. I know we are here in Oregon!
    A fan (no pun intended :))

  4. teresa borener says:

    p.s. Think I’ll try out your lace painting technique…. who’d have thunk it!? Well, you of course. Stunning work. Looks like a ton of fun.

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