Mixing Dyes!

Some new Colours!

I went to Hummingbird Fibre Arts last weekend and picked up a few new colours to play with this weekend – if the weather co-operates!

Jeanette Roberts sell the Pro WashFast Acid Dyes in 10gr quantities; roughly enough dye to colour approx 500grs (16oz ) of fibre.  I make the dyes up in a solution of 2 cups of water to the 10grs of dye.  I mix and store the dyes in two cup (500grs) mason jars.  I also purchase the plastic lids for the jars as they are easier to clean and label.

You can contact Jeanette at:  Hummingbird Fibre Arts – www.spinningwheelpro.comspinningwheelpro@shaw.ca

Or you can phone – 250-751-1070  or  866-342-7348.

When you are mixing your dyes make sure that the containers are clean.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

I always wash them  in hot soapy water and then rinse with clear hot water and dry – same for the lids.  While I am washing the jars I usually boil the water to dissolve the dyes.

Dry Spearmint Dye

Place dry dye into the jar – if you are mixing several colours be very organized about lids and jars – as after you mix them it is not always easy to be sure of the colour.

Half way to done.

Add 1 cup of very hot, close to boiling, water into your jar and mix thoroughly.  Allow to cool a few minutes and then top up with cool water.  Let jar cool down a little and then cover with lid.  Your dyes are now ready to use.

The dyes keep very well.  I have had only one dye to date become contaminated and a few of my dyes are now a couple of years old.  I keep them in a cool, not cold, dry place when not in use.

Ready to Use

Happy Painting



On Dyes and dyeing:

Mountain Glen

The dyes I use are PRO WashFast Acid Dyes. They are available in large quantities through www.prochemical.com .  Maiwa out of Vancouver also sells dyes on-line.  www.maiwa.com

I hesitate to give the step by step instructions on painting as that is not my area of expertise – I am still learning as I go.

Leaf and Point ScarfMountain Glen
– Chinese Red, French Vanilla, Nautical Blue are the main colours with accents of Country Green, Mouse and Charcoal in the Scene and Country Green, Salmon and Apricot in the lace edging.

Here I was trying for a more figurative approach.

The first pieces I painted were more impressionistic.  Be prepared to play, swatch lots, and
sometimes be disappointed with the results.  The Diamond Lace Scarf was totally unexpected, it turned out much greyer than expected – but it is my favourite.

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