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Clowns at Play!

Harlequin Ducks playing at Sunset Bay at Neck Point – It was so neat – it looked like they were running across the water!! Have a Wonderful time this Season! Lynette

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Surfing DuckVille

The Surf Scoter – according to the “Book” – is gregarious and loves to flock together – especially when there is herring roe to be found.  Sometimes the flock can number over 300,000! There weren’t that many at Neck Point … Continue reading

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A Busy Bird Kind of Day at Louden Park

It all started with an Eagle swooping low overhead as we got to the beach and just continued from there. There were a trio of Heron’s playing tag at Louden Park yesterday morning!  Or at least that is what it … Continue reading

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This morning at Diver’s Lake. There was a light rain falling as walked thru Diver’s Lake park.  Where there were tree’s overhead the rain was reduced to random drips and so we kept mostly dry. There were many ducks in the … Continue reading

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Perfecting the Technique

We go around and around and hopefully perfect the journey. I taught a class yesterday, Saracen Shawl.  It was a great class, good students and we had a lot of fun.  One student, Deb, said something to me that resonated.  … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces…..

It is the end of the year – well, just a few days left, and my time seems to be broken down into bits and pieces of “stuff”; stuff to finish; stuff to start; stuff to clean; stuff to put … Continue reading

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