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Foggy Moods

I could see the Marine Fog rolling in this morning as I watched the sun come up.  The fog pretty much socked in everything for the morning. There is something fey about fog.  It quiets sounds, softens edges and mutes colours.  Fog … Continue reading

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West Coast Weather

    Really it is supposed to rain today! When we started our walk this morning I was sure it was going to rain. But being where we live and what the weather is like – change is more common … Continue reading

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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling……

….keep the fog a’rollin’! As we drove home last night I could see the fog rolling into Departure Bay.  The fog had already rolled over downtown and we had driven out of it as we got closer to Departure Bay. At the top of the … Continue reading

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Still Morning

    The marine fog has been heavy this last week.  It has lingered long into the morning, strong against the efforts of the fall sunshine. It was still heavy this morning at Louden Park on Long Lake.  The trees dripped … Continue reading

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Out of the Fog

    We were promised sun yesterday – but the Powers That Be had other plans!  There was sun out there but it was obscured by the heavy fog that started the day. We headed up to Westwood Lake.  Quite … Continue reading

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