Wool Worsted Yarns

I’ve just recently finished working up a new pattern “Embossed Beret”.  It is a beret designed for worsted weight yarns and I knit up each of the size samples in a different natural animal fibre (mostly sheep’s wool) worsted.  Each yarn had its own look and feel and each showed the pattern well.  From a classic worsted to a textural marvel to a colour feast, each had something to offer to the pattern.  Which look would you prefer?

I must first say that wool is my favorite fibre to knit.  It takes colour beautifully, keeps it shape or blocks to shape with little effort and is warm or cool as necessary.  Firefighters wear wool to protect themselves from burns – wool smolders and does not burst into flame.  Fisherman wear wool on the water to keep themselves warm – even when wet wool still holds body warmth.  Wool can hold up to 30% of its weight in water and still keep you warm!  But the textural quality of the Akapana made it my favorite of the three – and it does have some wool content!

Paton's Classic Wool

Paton’s Classic Wool

– this yarn has been around for many years and for good reason, it knits up beautifully with great stitch definition when knit to gauge.  It can be knit a little looser and blocked for lace – I recently saw a February Lady Sweater blocked into a coat length – it had been knit from Classic wool. 

Mosaic Sampler - Patons Classic Wool


Classic wool comes in about 40 shades and those shades are frequently updated to keep up with the colours that fashion demands.  Best of all this is a reasonably priced wool, a basic 36in bust sweater can be knit for as little as $40.00.

Rustic Beret - Akapana


– This Mirasol Project yarn was my favorite of the three yarns I knit with.  I had knit with it before, a sweater for my son and loved the look and hand of this blended yarn.  65% Llama, 25% Merino and 10% Donegal, 95yds to 50grs; this yarn has a great handspun appearance.  It is a little thick/thin with tight twists followed by soft spun fibres, and the 10% Donegal adds another great texture to the look, with flecks of contrast colours twisted right in.  It knits a little larger than the Classic wool on the same size needle, but the yardage does reflect that the yarn is a little heavier.  

Akapana Sweater - rich textural payback from a a simple knit.

 This yarn was great knit as a beret but really showed itself to best effect in a sweater.  The texture really showed in the larger, plainer knit.

Embossed Lace

Lorna’s Laces  Shepherd Worsted Superwash

– Like the Paton’s Classic Wool this superwash has 200+ yards per 100gs.  Unlike Classic Wool this yarn is machine washable, making it a great choice for convenience knitting.  It has a fabulous hand for a superwash, which sometimes have a slippery feel to them, very smooth but lots of body.  The fibre knit without spliting and showed great stitch definition.  What makes this yarn especially fabulous is the colourways that it can come in, Lorna’s Laces colourways are beautiful.  I’m seeing a new sweater for myself in the future!

Happy Knitting


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