Yarn Over – Green Mountain Spinnery

Yarn Over – 100grs, 155yds, worsted spun wool and mohair blend.  As a very heavy worsted I would call this yarn an aran rather than a worsted.

Yarn Over in green, from Green Mountain Spinnery

Yarn Over is a heavy worsted yarn from Green Mountain Spinnery. Green Mountain Spinnery is a small local mill in Vermont, cobbled together with machines from older mills.  One of them is from 1896!  They focus on “Green” methods and production, use mostly local fibre and they look specifically for farmers using green and/or friendly animal rearing practices.  They will source some of the their fibre, especially the mohair and cottons, from other states, but none from out of country.  I found the “about” page for the Spinnery very interesting reading!

The Cowl knit loosely with 7mm needles

I am currently working with Yarn Over.  This is my second project and I am thoroughly enjoying the process.  Yarn Over has tremendous bounce and body.  It is a blend of wool with some mohair, exact quantities of each are unknown as they differ with each batch.  Each batch is created with the wool and mohair left over from other yarns.  This causes each batch of colour to be different as well.  If knitting a large project make sure that you get enough with the first purchase, while more yarn will come available, it could be considerably different in hand and colour!

The first project I knit was a simple lace cowl, knit on needles 2 sizes larger than the size recommended and the cowl is fabulous.  Even knit with a loose gauge this yarn has kept its shape and has a great feel when handled.  As it is currently residing at the store as a sample – it gets handled a lot!

I am currently knitting a sweater with the recommended needle size, 5mm, and getting a gauge of 18 sts in 4 inches.  This is the high-end of the recommended gauge and unlike most yarns that have a “flexible” gauge, this yarn can handle the slightly looser knit.  It does not look open, like some yarns, in fact the stitches do not look or feel loose at all!

Stitches are full and solid even when knit at the looser end of the gauge.

This yarn is for those of us who like wool.  Those whom like a little texture and bounce and not necessarily a butter soft hand, don’t get me wrong, this yarn has a nice touch, but it is not merino.  This is a great wool yarn.  It would be a little fuzzy for small detail stitches, but would show cables and larger stitch patterns very well.  It is reasonably priced for a “green” yarn.  The costs associated with green production are considerably higher than those of a conventional mill.  These higher costs do have to be reflected in the cost of the yarn.

Happy Knitting


4 Responses to Yarn Over – Green Mountain Spinnery

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  3. babywren says:

    I do like working with the Green Mountain Spinnery yarns. I was lucky several years ago to visit and take a tour of the Spinnery.

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