Tea Cozies – my toys!

My Favorite Cozy - Victorian Garden Cozy!

I knit my first tea-cozy quite a few years ago.  Nineteen or twenty – I think!! I started to knit them seriously when I was involved in opening a Tea Room inside a Deli – McLean’s Specialty Foods.  I think that I knit about 2 dozen of them in various sizes for the tea pots we had and then knit more as gifts.  They were so popular that I would knit them to sell.  I wouldn’t create the pattern no matter what – they were my toys!  I was somewhat possessive of them!

The style of cozy that I knit is called a “Gentleman’s Cozy” and it is designed to remain on the the tea-pot while pouring tea.  Don’t ask me why it is called that, I have never quite figured that one out!

In 2009 I taught at my first retreat – well, first with me as the headline – It was actually my 9th retreat as a teacher!  I decided to debue the pattern for my tea-cozies!  From that retreat grew the following cozies!

A Bevy of Beauties!

The patterns for the cozies are available on Ravelry or through Infiknit!

Peggy's Cozy for the Kiwi Cove Lodge!

While at the Retreat – we knit up a cozy for Peggy!  I knit the body and retreaters worked on the embellishments!  We presented it to her on the last day of the retreat!

Peggy and her cozy

Later that year I submitted a cozy for a competition in Australia.  I friend that I met through Ravelry sent me the information.  It was a fundraiser for Breast Cancer and it was all about Tea-cozies!  Waltzing Matildas took first in the Australiana Category! I haven’t knit a cozy in a while, but my son is now requesting one of his own – I guess that I will have to polish up a new cozy idea!

Waltzing Matilda's

Happy Knitting


19 Responses to Tea Cozies – my toys!

  1. unusual says:

    Verry nice blog here! I really enjoyed reading it so much that I bookmarked this on digg! I wish you continued success!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I’m a compulsive knitter — not as talented — and write about all sorts of things.
    Love you to check it out.
    Do you have a pattern for the tea cozies? They are adorable.

  3. Lovely work!
    I’ll look for you on Ravelry.

  4. Your tea-cozies are beautiful! I love all the colour and embellishments. And I think tea-cozies are very practical too. I am going to check out your Ravelry page.

  5. Thank-you for all the lovely comments! I have knit a couple of other cozies since I wrote this page. My son finally got his cozy and I knit a new one for myself!




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  7. Tara Addesa says:

    How Do I Get On Lynette Meek’s Friend List On FB?!?! She Has at Least “1” New Fan!!!! Spectacular Talent Lynette!!! Bravo! Reallll Artistry :))) These Absolutely Rank Among the Most Beautiful Cozys..I’ve Ever Seen :))) While In England Scotland Wales & France Several Years Ago,I’d Seen Manyyy a Cozy..& Stopped In EVERY KNIT SHOP That Crossed My Path!!! Nothing Ranked Even “Close” to These Treasures!! Your Book or Patterns Are a MuST For ME!!! HuGGs In Knitting 🙂 Tara

    • Wow Tara!

      Thank-you so much for all of those Kudo’s! I have no book, but I do have patterns on Patternfish and Ravelry!
      The tea-cozies are close to my heart and your appreciation is much enjoyed!

      Happy Knitting

  8. Jennifer Banfield Sickinger says:

    How beautiful they all are!

  9. Esther Beckwith says:

    Who would have thought of those beautiful cozies. They are terrific, I’ve never seen anything like them. I’ll need to make one. I like the Victorian one.thanks for sharing.

  10. Erika says:

    I am simply amazed of how you turned these mundane objects into art!

  11. Jenny Whitehead says:

    These are magnificent. I love the way you match the cosy style to the teapot. My favourite is the deco one – SO stylish.

  12. Liz Washburn says:

    Wow! These are beautiful. Your blog is very visually appealing, too.

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  14. Darcy says:

    Love them all. I have made many copies too and like to create works of art for friends and family.

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