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A Random Assortment

It has been an odd kind of week.  There is so much going on – it is hard to keep track of everything. The bathroom reno has started very well – no surprises, no signs of rot, the window will … Continue reading

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Woodstream, Saturday Evening

Last week they (the powers that be) were working on Woodstream Park, making the stream more “Salmon Friendly”, to encourage the spawning salmon to make the trek upstream and find great spots to leave their eggs. This means that the … Continue reading

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An Ode To Murphy!

Murphy Oil Soap – that is! My mother used this cleaner for all of her wood and I have it in my house for all of my wood.  Who knew that it could be a life saver as well! Thursday … Continue reading

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A Scattered Life

I am a very disorganized person.  I work and live in Chaos.  There is no rhyme to my reason and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t! Though, on the whole, it works for me.  The advent of Sophie to … Continue reading

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Vogue Fall 2012 will be Here Soon!

The 30th Anniversary Issue of Vogue Knitting will be released for sale September 4th in the US and available here shortly there after – I can hardly wait. My pearly knee highs are in this Vogue! Yesterday Vogue put the … Continue reading

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Fabulous New Project Bag!

A picture speaks a thousand words.  Thank-you Fiona! This bag has a story.  A few years ago a friend gifted me with a beautiful cross stitch of pansy’s – my favorite flower!  I could not afford framing at the time … Continue reading

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“Summer”…… And the Knitting is Fine!

I do believe that “Summer” is really here! We have had a few weeks of real summer weather.  We went swimming last weekend.  Hotdogs have been consumed – it must be Summer. Summer knitting is a little different from Winter … Continue reading

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